Teamfight Tactics patch 10.7 includes a number of buffs to low-tier units and traits, as well as some new graphical updates.

Credit: Riot


It’s no secret that many of TFT’s 1-star tier-5 units can instantly turn a game around. Ekko and Miss Fortune were singled out in the patch as units that can clear the frontline with just one skill, so Riot’s knocking them down a notch by lowering Ekko’s spell damage (250/450/2000 ⇒ 225/400/2000) and nerfing MF in attack speed (1.1 ⇒ 1.0), mana (50/150 ⇒ 75/175), and spell damage (70%/90%/999% ⇒ 60%/80%/999%).

Since lower-tier champions tend to fall off in the late-game phase, Riot has buffed some of them to increase their viability in specific comps. Caitlin now has a quicker spell cast (1.5 seconds ⇒ 1.1) while Darius gets a solid health boost (650 ⇒ 750).


With Caitlin already receiving buffs as a champion, she gets a decent upgrade in both of her traits. Snipers now do more bonus damage (12% ⇒ 15%) while Chrono users can now expect a significant attack speed ramp-up at six stacks (15%/35%/65% ⇒ 15%/35%/75%).

Defensive traits also get a sizable nerf for this patch. Mystics have less magic resist (30/120 ⇒ 35/105) while Brawlers receive less health as a four-stack (300/750 ⇒ 300/700).


With defensive nerfs across the board, Riot is making up for it by adjusting a few health-based items. Morellonomicon and Redbuff deal less burn damage (30% ⇒ 27%) while Warmogs gets a slight bump in its health regen (4% ⇒ 5%).

Graphical updates

A few graphical updates have also been introduced. You now have a more glorious win-streak fire beside your icon while champions enjoy your victorious rounds with a celebratory dance.

As for gameplay changes, Riot has added the highly-anticipated Galaxies mechanic, giving players a nice twist in every game.

  • The Neekoverse: Everyone gets two free copies of Neeko’s Help.
  • Lilac Nebula: The first carousel contains only four cost units.
  • Medium Legends: Little Legends are larger and you have +25 starting health.

A new quality of life change will now also see Champions always prioritize items from champions on the board, unequipping the items of the benched variant.

For more information about TFT 10.7, here are the official patch notes.

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