With Set 3 of Teamfight Tactics soon landing in our clients, here’s a quick explanation of all the new groups and units you’ll soon be seeing.


In contrast to older sets, origins now have two denominations: Major and Minor.


Major origins are the backbone of your team composition. These are your usual 6-stacks that provide a solid buff throughout the whole game.

  • Celestials
    • Heal themselves throughout the fight
  • Dark Stars
    • Build stacking damage buffs as they fall
    • Similar to Light origins in Set 2
  • Chronos
    • Builds up attack speed throughout the battle
    • Similar to Wild origins in Set 1
  • Star Guardians
    • Provide mana to the rest of Star Guardians after casting a spell
    • Similar to Ocean origins in Set 2
  • Rebels
    • Gain increasing damage and shields when grouped together
  • Cybernetics
    • Get additional stats when equipped with items


Minor origins are the cherries on top of your major origins. Although not as broad as Major origins, these smaller compositions will bolster your team into the late game.

  • Mech Pilots
    • 3 mech pilots will fuse into a supermech that combines all their stats and items
    • Once destroyed, the supermech will deploy all three mech pilots onto the battlefield
    • Similar to Elementalists in Set 1
  • Space Pirates
    • Provide gold and possibly items upon killing an enemy unit
    • Similar to Pirates in Set 1
  • Valkyries
    • Excel in taking out low health targets
  • Void
    • Inflict true damage to all enemies


Previously known as traits, Classes are now divided into three categories: Offensive, Defensive, and Utility.


  • Blasters
    • Have a chance to shoot more lasers depending on how many Blaster units there are
    • Similar to Gunslingers in Set 1
  • Blademasters
    • Occasionally gain the chance to hit a target multiple times
  • Snipers
    • Deal more damage to enemies at a distance
  • Infiltrators
    • Jump to the back of the enemy composition with an attack speed bonus
    • Similar to Assassins in Set 2
  • Sorcerors
    • Increase your whole team’s ability power


  • Brawlers
    • Receive a health buff exclusive to Brawlers
  • Vanguards
    • Receive an armor buff exclusive to Vanguards
    • Similar to Wardens in Set 2
  • Mystics
    • Provide additional Magic Resistance to the whole team
  • Protectors
    • Give themselves shields when casting spells


Utility classes have unique and significant buffs that can give your team a quick advantage. From stuns to mana-locks, these units can be incredibly frustrating to play against.

  • Mana Reavers
    • Temporarily lock the opposing unit’s mana
  • Demolitionists
    • Spells can stun on impact
  • Mercenaries
    • Your shop will sell items that will significantly upgrade your mercenary’s skills

Unique Gold Units

With every set, there’s bound to be some OP units that will turn your composition into a killer space crew. Although these three specific gold units may be rare and costly, their unique skills will help you dominate the board against completed teams.

  • Ekko
    • Cybernetic/Infiltrator
    • Unique ability: Chronobreak
      • freezes the entire board and attacks all enemy units with bonus magic damage and on-hit effects.
      • Ekko cannot die while in Chronobreak.
  • Thresh
    • Chrono/Mana Reaver
    • Unique Ability: Temporal Passage
      • Tosses his lantern and pulls a unit from the bench into battle, providing extra mana to Thresh and the pulled unit.
      • At level 3, Thresh can pull 9 units into battle.
  • Aurelion Sol
    • Rebel/Starship
      • Innate: Starships gain 20 mana per second, maneuver around the board, and are immune to movement impairing effects, but can’t Basic Attack.
    • Unique Ability: Mobilize the Fleet
      • Launches out fighters that deal magic damage to nearby enemies.

Riot has also released a video that introduces all of the new gameplay mechanics in Galaxies:

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