New details about Street Fighter 6 are being announced every day.

It appears that SF6 will feature in-game damage and visual changes for characters, based on the hits they take in each match. The extent of these injuries will be visible after the match-winner cinematic showcase with victory lines on-screen.

Takayuki Nakamaya and Shuhei Matsumoto, the game’s director and producer, teased fans with a brief rundown of what they can expect from Street Fighter’s newest iteration on the Japanese Capcom YouTube channel.

Street Fighter 6 features in-game visual changes based on damage received

New Street Fighter 6 footage shows in-game damage
Credit: Capcom Japan

The pre-recorded gameplay footage shows a Guile mirror match with the newly revealed playable character in an actual 2D battle. Aspiring Guile mains saw some of his new moves in SF6, including target combos, along with his Sonic Hurricane super that hits as an anti-air.

After the match, we see a brief cinematic that shows Guile with a swollen face, a bruise on his left eye, and a large cut above his left brow.

For now, it seems that the bumps, bruises, and cuts only appear on his face and not on the body.

It is also difficult to spot if Guile acquired any in-game damage while the 2D battle took place. But the wear and tear on Guile’s face did become more noticeable when the screen zoomed in, right as he’s about to execute a special move using his Drive Gauge.

Street Fighter II winner's screen
Credit: Capcom

This isn’t the first time Capcom has shown their fighters beaten up after their bouts. In the old Street Fighter 2 winners’ screen, the loser was shown bloodied and bruised up.

Capcom has not explained how the in-game damage feature works, or whether it is something players can turn on and off in the game’s settings. We’re just going to have to wait and see when SF6 is released next year.

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