Street Fighter legend Du “NuckleDu” Dang has announced his immediate retirement from fighting games after being involved in a car crash earlier this week.

Fellow FGC pro player, Kevin “Dual Kevin” Barrios, who also lives with NuckleDu, revealed news of the accident on Twitter:

After spending four days recovering in hospital, Nuckledu tweeted, “I will be putting my controller down now. Furthermore, I will step away from social media in general since I can’t offer you guys anything anymore.”

And, although he hasn’t stated any explicit reasons, NuckleDu mentions the importance of making time for our loved ones and not letting social media consume us.

His tweet has since garnered words of encouragement and support from fellow Street Fighter competitors and the gaming community alike.

NuckleDu is considered one of the best North American Street Fighter players, with multiple tournament wins and a Capcom Cup 2016 title under his belt.

He has competed under organizations like Team Liquid, Ghost Gaming, and Echo Fox. He has also contributed to charity in the past, donating his DreamHack Montreal 2017 winnings to Hurricane Irma relief in Florida, his home state.

Main image credit: @narimiya_pht

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