Xijie “Jiewa” Zeng has emerged as China’s Capcom Cup 2020 representative after dominating the Capcom Pro Tour’s China qualifier.

The 207 entrants who joined the completion played their matches online. And, from there, Invictus Gaming’s Jiewa ran through his opponents, not losing a single round on his way to the Top 8.

Jiewa continued his incredible tournament run on the final day of the event, winning nine of the ten rounds he played. Ultimately, Jiewa’s grand final opponent was Yanxin “VXBao” Luo, a player who battled his way from the lower bracket after losing to his fellow ALUS teammate Chao Zhou “Yang Mian” Huang.

Right at the start of the match, Jiewa pulled off two incredible round wins against VXBao. The first was a quick, perfect round win, in which he trapped VXBao’s M.Bison in the corner. Jiewa then followed this up with a magic pixel comeback win, which threw VXBao off his game for the remainder of the series.

With Jiewa firing on all cylinders, using Akuma’s dynamic offensive skill set, VXBao struggled to execute his own offense. This led to continuous counter hits and air attacks that pushed the latter into the corner.

Jiewa continued to land round-deciding crush counters, while VXBao missed his inputs and got punished for his neutral jumps, which ended his CPT China qualifier campaign. 

Jiewa put together arguably the most impressive online qualifier performance of the CPT online qualifier season. He is the 16th CPT 2020 online qualifier champion and will be the only Chinese representative at Capcom Cup 2020. 

The Capcom Pro Tour’s 2020 qualifiers are presently nearing their completion with only two online events left for Australia and North America West 2, which are scheduled for November 14 and November 21 respectively.

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