To add to its army of pro players, esports org Team Liquid has officially unveiled its entry into the Rocket League competitive scene.

The team released an announcement video, featuring the team members and few highlights from their careers.

TL’s Rocket League roster consists of some veterans that bring some championship talent to the table. The new team grabbed former Mousesports and Ex-Mouz duo, Francesco “kuxir97” Cinqueman and Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke, who performed at the S-tier level in Europe. In Mousesports, the two were headstrong competitors in the league, always placing in the top 5 in the past two seasons.

As for the third and final member, Liquid brought in Danish player Emil “fruity” Moselund. Though Fruity has been more or less inactive in recent seasons, he had had his fair share of first-place finishes. The former Reciprocity player swept Renault Vitality in the RLCS Season 8 finals and conquered NRG Esports during the DreamHack Pro Circuit: Valencia in 2019.

Seeing as how the brand of Team Liquid does have a star quality to its name, Speed expressed his admiration for the newfound team and hoped that he’ll represent the team well in the coming seasons.

“It was the biggest no brainer I have ever had, and I cannot wait for the future with them,” stated Speed about his recruitment. “As for supporting a new org, it allows us to create our own legacy and not be held back by the thoughts of what the org had previously achieved in Rocket League, which is freeing.”

With the Rocket League Championship Series rebranding to a bigger and better season titled “RLCS X,” Fruity and the boys have already set their sights on winning the culminating World Championship.

“With the introduction of RLCS X, becoming a World Champion is the ultimate goal, with this World Championship being the most prestigious yet in the history of Rocket League,” said Fruity.

With the RLCS X still in its registration phase, we’ll likely see Team Liquid join the first EU RLCS Regional on July 27.

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