Rocket League arrived as a free-to-play title on the Epic Games Store on September 23 and gamers were quick to check out the smash hit hybrid sports game for themselves.

The result? A brand new milestone for the offbeat cars-meet-soccer game. 

For the first time since the game launched in 2015, Rocket League broke the 1 million concurrent players mark barely two days after it debuted on the Epic Games Store. Corey Davis, one of the heads of development at Psyonix, which developed Rocket League, confirmed it on Twitter:

And this was a couple of days ahead of the beginning of Llama-Rama, Epic Games’ limited-time crossover between Rocket League and Fortnite.

As if hitting the 1 million mark wasn’t impressive enough, just wait until you hear about Rocket League’s former record. 

Before finally hitting the seven-figure milestone, Rocket League’s biggest number of concurrent players was only at little over 119,000, recorded in March this year — back when the game was only available on Steam.

While going free-to-play certainly led to more gamers downloading Rocket League, it also helped that the game remained playable on the Steam client — provided that you had it in your library before the game went exclusive on the Epic Games Store. That, combined with improved cross-platform support, surely paved the way for Rocket League’s well-earned achievement. 

Time will tell whether this milestone is the peak of Rocket League’s success or if it’s only a sign of bigger things to come for the game.

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