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Over 1,000 gamers competed in foodpanda’s recently completed pandapro SEA Cup, a unique tournament that let PUBG Mobile fans play like a pro by competing against amateur and pro teams across SEA, all streamed with pro casters from the Semi Finals onward.

The tournament was open to PUBG Mobile gamers in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore and was streamed in both English and Thai with RedQueen and guests, SirCloud, Qontra, and AyaPlays, streaming and casting in English, while Zaffer streamed alongside Ffame and Aomdi on the Thai stream.

After three stages of competition, going from the qualifiers, to the semi finals, to the finals, Puma X Celeb emerged victorious, claiming the grand prize of US$2,000.

The winning squad consisted of:

Puma X Celeb

  • PUMAxAuto : In game leader & scout 
  • PUMAxTripleF : Attack 
  • PUMAXJAOJAME : Attack 
  • PUMAXMrJo : Support 

Team SEM9.GANK came in second place and took home US$1,000, while Farang Lejund finished third, walking away with US$500.

Amazingly, Puma X Celeb managed to win the entire tournament without winning a single Chicken Dinner, thanks to their consistently high placement throughout the tournament.

Puma x Celeb grind out a second-place finish with a late kill

The team finished with 200 total points, with 86 kill points and 114 placement points.

After the tournament, Puma X Celeb said, “It’s a good tournament, I’d like it to be held again. In order to push esports as far as possible. Thank you very much to foodpanda for such a good program.”

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