Game developers KRAFTON are holding PUBG Global Series 2 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The tournament takes place from August 10 to August 20, 2023.

PUBG Global Series 2 showcases 24 elite international teams comprising eight Global Partner Teams, along with 16 teams that outperformed other contenders in regional qualifying matches.

These teams will vie for a slice of the impressive US$2 million prize pool, as well as PGS Points. These points are crucial for securing spots in the highly anticipated PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2023 held later this year.

Watch 24 teams compete in PUBG Global Series 2 over the 10-day tournament

Following the APAC Qualifiers leading up to PUBG Global Series 2, a total of six teams from the Asia-Pacific region are set to grace the main event.

Among them, four Thai teams, including Daytrade Gaming, THEERATHON FIVE, Forest Gaming, and eArena, have successfully secured their spots. Additionally, two Vietnamese teams, CERBERUS Esports and The Expendables, will be joining the ranks.

Format of PUBG Global Series 2

The Group Stage takes place from August 10 to 13. The 24 participating teams will be divided into three groups, each consisting of eight teams.

Six matches are played daily. The initial day will see Groups A and B in action, followed by Groups B and C on the second day, and concluding with Groups C and A on the third day.

Following the Group Stage, the top 16 teams will progress to the Winners Bracket, while the remaining eight teams will enter the Losers Bracket.

From August 13 to 14, the Winners Bracket will see six matches played per day. The leading eight teams from this bracket will secure direct entry to the Grand Finals.

The remaining eight teams in the Winners Bracket will clash with the bottom eight teams from the Losers Bracket on August 15 and 16.

Only the top eight teams from the Losers Bracket will advance to the Grand Finals. The remaining eight will be eliminated.

The Grand Finals take place over three days, from August 18 to 20, encompassing a total of 18 matches. The team that achieves the highest cumulative ranking will earn the esteemed title of PUBG Global Series 2 champion.

Prize pool and PGS Points allocation

The champion team will walk away with US$600,000, while the remaining prize pool will be distributed to teams based on the final standings.

Similar to PUBG Global Series 1, the top 16 teams will accrue PGS Points based on their rankings. The four leading teams with the highest combined PGS Points from both PGS 1 and PGS 2 will secure coveted slots in the year-end PUBG Global Championship 2023.

Full list of teams competing in PUBG Global Series 2

Daytrade Gaming (DAY)APACRegional QualifiersC
THEERATHON FIVE (T5)APACRegional QualifiersA
Forest Gaming (FOR)APACRegional QualifiersB
eArena (EA)APACRegional QualifiersC
Twisted Minds (TWIS)EMEAGlobal Partner TeamB
FaZe Clan (FaZe)EMEAGlobal Partner TeamA
Natus Vincere (NAVI)EMEAGlobal Partner TeamB
Soniqs (SQ)AMERICASGlobal Partner TeamC
Gen.G (GEN)ASIAGlobal Partner TeamC
Four Angry Men (4AM)ASIAGlobal Partner TeamA
17Gaming (17)ASIAGlobal Partner TeamA
Petrichor Road (PeRo)ASIAGlobal Partner TeamB
Luminosity Gaming (LG)AMERICASRegional QualifiersB
Team Falcons (FLC)AMERICASRegional QualifiersA
Friendly Fire (FF)AMERICASRegional QualifiersC
CERBERUS Esports (CES)APACRegional QualifiersA
The Expendables (TE)APACRegional QualifiersB
TYLOO (TL)ASIARegional QualifiersB
DD Team (DDT)ASIARegional QualifiersC
Danawa e-sports (DNW)ASIARegional QualifiersC
Dplus KIA (DK)ASIARegional QualifiersB
Sarvem Esports (SRM)EMEARegional QualifiersA
Question Mark (QM)EMEARegional QualifiersC

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