Great news Overwatch fans: You won’t have to wait until August to play Overwatch’s Summer Games event.

Game director, Jeff Kaplan, teased that the annual three-week event will happen sooner than usual. Kaplan didn’t mention any specific dates, but the event should kick off within the next two weeks.

Kaplan also teased a trio of weekly mini-challenges scheduled throughout the Summer Games calendar. Like previous mini-events, each new challenge will reward successful players with an epic skin.

The developer update also tempered expectations about the release of the game’s next new hero.

Kaplan made clear that Hero 31 will be revealed sometime after the Summer Games event, promising that he is “going to be awesome” — with a clear emphasis on the “he”, which rules out the Junkerqueen, Echo, and Sojourn.

Watch the 3-minute developer update below:

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