Following a disappointing 2-3 start in the second season of the Overwatch League, the Seoul Dynasty has acquired two new players — namely Park “ILLICIT” Jae-min and Lee “Highly” Sung-hyeok — in an attempt to bolster its current roster.

Ahead of week four of Stage 1 of this season, the Dynasty have looked lackluster and are currently ranked 13th out of the 20 teams in the league — with a coveted stage one playoff spot far from their reach.

The team will be looking for ILLICIT and Highly to give them the push they need to get back into playoff contention. Both players are former members of teams from Overwatch Contenders Korea.

ILLICIT is a ranged DPS specialist and was a former member of BlossoM, a team that fell out of contention in Contenders Korea Season 3 and was sent back to Trials to re-qualify.

Meanwhile, Highly is a flex support player with known for playing as Ana, Zenyatta, and Sombra. He was a member of O2 Blast, formerly known as O2 Ardent, a team that tied for last place in Contenders Korea Season 3.

While ILLICIT and Highly came from teams that have been far from impressive, their individual talent has apparently impressed the Dynasty scouts. Both have also recently turned 18 years old and are thus eligible to play in the Overwatch League.

Seoul’s current flex DPS player Kim “Fleta” Byung-sun and flex support Ryu “Ryujehong” Je-hong may end up being substituted out for the team’s new signings. Fleta and Ryujehong have both been underwhelming since the season started, and the Dynasty may be feeling that they can get more of a contribution from its new players.

We’ll have to see what Seoul’s decision regarding its roster when they go up against the still-winless Washington Justice on March 10 for Week 4 of Stage 1 this season.