2019 was an incredible year for Indonesian MLBB.

The two most prestigious international tournaments, M1 World and MSC 2019, were both won by Indonesian teams.

In fact, both of these tournaments were completely dominated by Indonesian teams. The MSC 2019 finals brought together two Indonesian powerhouses, ONIC Esports and Louvre Esports. M1 World 2019 closed with an intense match between RRQ Hoshi and EVOS Legends.

But less than a year later and Indonesia’s dominance might be under threat. Looking at recent Southeast Asian tournaments, many new forces have the potential to bring down the Indonesian dynasty in the competitive MLBB scene.

Credit: Moonton

The MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup that was held last month. RRQ Hoshi became champions after a brilliant performance, but what about the five other Indonesian representatives?

Bigetron Alpha and Geek Fam ID failed to even make it past the group stage. Alter Ego fell got knocked out in the first round of playoffs, followed by ONIC Esports.

Only EVOS Legends did fairly well, as they finished fourth. Yet, this achievement felt lacking because they, after all, are holders of the M1 title.

Currently, a Southeast Asian-scale tournament called Mytel International Championship Series is running. Two dark horse teams have surprised.

The first is Impunity KH, a Cambodian team that defeated Sena’s RRQ. Then, there Vietnam VEC wiped out all their competition in the group stage. This shows that there is indeed a rise of other strong teams from neighboring Southeast Asian countries in the Mobile Legends pro scene.

According to Bajan, the star of EVOS Legends, the biggest threat comes from the Philippines. “The strengths of Southeast Asian teams are different. The Filipino teams are the biggest threat because their mechanical skills don’t have a cure yet.”

Hopefully there will be an improvement to the overall team performances so that the competition in MPL ID Season 6 will increase in quality, which in turn, creates a positive impact on team development. 

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