The MPL PH S6 Main Qualifiers has finished its first day with Cignal Ultra reigning victorious over the rest of Group A. Despite going against a younger Arkangel Esports, Cignal Ultra handed their opponents an incredible reverse-sweep in the grand finals.

Game one

Arkangel Esports came out strong in the first game, looking for scrappy kills down in the bot-lane. Escalera’s Chang’e and Saxa’s Dyrroth dove hard to claim first blood on Tusjin’s Yu Zhong. Though AA’s Yasuwo fell to an over-extension in the top-lane, the rest of AA committed to hard 4-man dive to get another kill on ImbaDeejay’s Luo Yi.

In an effort to turn the tables, Hadess tried to steal Lord away from AA, but it eventually led to an early check-out on the Lancelot player. With the 4v5 advantage, Arkangel brought the fight into Cignal Ultra’s base, where Isonn’s Atlas roped three members in a flickering Fatal Links. After a few trades in damage and kills, Lord eventually entered the base and helped close out game one with a win for Arkangel Esports.

Game two

Knowing that Arkangel tends to go aggressive in the laning phase, Cignal Ultra did their best to counter them with the same aggression. After another four-man dive in the bot-lane, Tusjin’s Esmeralda and Bensanity’s Khufra punished Escalera’s Lunox with a deadly Bouncing Ball.

Though AA was still hammering down on kills, CIG kept their gold up through turret and epic monster takedowns. In the final clash, Rhea rushed in with a three-man Furious Dive and dismantled AA’s damage output with the knock-up. The rest of CIG easily got free kills and made their way to the Base Inhibitor to tie up the scoreboard.

Game three

Game three had both teams committing to early-game skirmishes for the lead. In a mid-lane clash, CIG and AA went back and forth on kills, but CIG ultimately came out with one more kill from Tusjin and his Natalia’s sneaky attack on Yasuwo’s Esmeralda.

With the pick-up of Lord, Cignal Ultra committed to a final push down the mid-lane. Though Isonn’s Khufra tried to break up the siege with a Tyrant’s Rage, Bensanity’s Jawhead immediately sent him to back-line with a deadly Ejector. The rest of CIG shot down the remaining opponents while Hadess’s Claude went through the top-lane and destroyed the Base Inhibitor from the side, completing the reverse-sweep for Cignal Ultra.

With the qualifier win, Cignal Ultra will be the first team to join the eight invited teams in the MPL PH S6 regular season.

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