Mobile Legends: Bang Bang released a teaser for the newest Collector skin that will please assassin mains and art lovers alike — Serene Plume Ling!

The skin puts Ling in a Japanese-art inspired setting, complete with oriental cloud patterns, and a traditional Japanese castle in the background. A giant full moon is also seen looming behind. What a sight!

Serene Plume Ling wears a light blue armor, sports a black hairstyle with white highlights, and wears translucent feathers on his back. If you are a fan of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, you’ll love this new look.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Serene Plume Ling skin
Screenshot by Julian Elona/ONE Esports

Serene Plume Ling’s abilities

Ling’s abilities have been beautifully upgraded, for it’s classified as a Collector skin. Wielding a shining blue sword, his basic attacks now emit a sparkling effect, giving the illusion that his weapon is made of water.

Finch Poise also turns him into a dark blue shadow, instead of the usual light blue.

Last but not the least, the highlight of the Serene Plume Ling skin is his ultimate, Tempest of Blades. Whenever Ling activates this ability, he leaves a cloud art formation at the ground.

Serene Blade will be available in the in-game store soon.

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