Moonton is bringing the summer heat to the Land of Dawn with the new Summer Sparks Faramis skin, the hero’s first Special skin.

This is Faramis’ third skin, and his first where he is portrayed in a lighter manner. In this skin, Faramis sheds his dark aura and embraces a radiant charm, stepping into the limelight dressed in an elegant traditional Japanese robe.

His previously gray and blonde hair in previous skins undergoes a dramatic change as well, now sporting lustrous jet-black hair which looks amazing on him.

Summer Sparks Faramis character model and skills preview

Character model of Summer Sparks Faramis in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

The skin’s in-game introduction is a sight to behold, as a vibrant Japanese neighborhood forms the backdrop, adorned with a magnificent display of fireworks illuminating the skyline.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, a charming Shiba Inu, sporting a green beaded collar, indulges in a delectable barbecue on the side.

Faramis adorns a striking ensemble consisting of a light blue robe elegantly fastened with a red obi around his waist.

This attire also tastefully showcases his well-toned physique, as the front of the robe reveals his chiseled abs. Additionally, a larger robe gracefully drapes over his back.

Instead of a wand, Faramis instead wields a giant sparkler that ignites whenever he uses a skill.

Skill preview of Summer Sparks Faramis' ultimate -- Cult Altar
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

He now turns into a blue apparition every time he uses Shadow Stampede, while blue energy explodes in front of him with Ghost Bursters.

However, what truly sets this skin apart is Faramis’ ultimate ability, Cult Altar.

Fallen allies are revived amidst a breathtaking spectacle of fireworks raining down upon them.

The grandeur intensifies when multiple allies are revived simultaneously, creating a truly remarkable and unforgettable sight.

Moonton has yet to announce the release date of the skin.

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