In game four of the MPL MY/SG Season 6 grand final, Todak had 12 kills to EVOS SG’s four, and amassed a 5,000 gold lead.

Leading the series two games to one, they pushed in their minion waves in all three lanes together with Lord at top.

Thirteen minutes in, the team was split up. 4Meyz, Ciku and Eone were on top side. Moon and Xray were across the map at bot.

EVOS SG saw an opportunity to collapse onto Todak. They grouped as five at top, but just before they could execute their game plan, Soul’s Uranus got cut off from the team in the middle of the jungle. Capitalizing on this, Eone’s Atlas immediately used Fatal Links to secure the kill.

Picking off their opponents one by one, Todak took turns to juggle turret aggro to wipe EVOS SG out of the series, and made history as the first team in MPL MY/SG to finish the entire season perfect.

“They’ve done it! After so many long seasons, Todak finally grab the trophy!” shoutcaster GideonQ hollered. “Here are your new champions of the MPL Season 6 MY/SG!”

The entire Todak team jumped up and down with joy in a big group hug. As they took a breather, they took turns to embrace each other individually.

“We tried our best during the regular season and playoffs. We did not see this ‘champion’ sign coming, so we are really, really happy,” Stoo shared with ONE Esports. “Some of us cried because it was unexpected. It’s our first time undefeated and becoming the champion of MPL MY/SG, so it’s really meaningful for the management, and obviously for the founders of Todak.”

As the last game finished past seven in the evening, everyone was starving. To celebrate, the team ordered Nasi Aayam in, as Malaysia is still under the movement control order (MCO).

Credit: Moonton

Two seasons ago, the situation was reversed. In a tense series that stretched the full five games, EVOS SG emerged as the MPL MY/SG Season 4 champion after a 3-2 win over Todak. They were so close to the cup, but slumped even further in Season 5, finishing sixth in the regular season. In the second round of the lower bracket playoffs, EVOS SG were again the ones who ended Todak’s run.

There are many reasons why Todak’s rebuilding has been so successful in Season 6. According to their former Season 4 head coach, Ariff “Amoux” Iswandi, one key reason is because their managers are more integrated with the team.

“Our managers are like our fathers. Everything about the house, medical, business, and so on, they will handle because they just want us to do our best in our game, to focus on our training in order to get a good result in the tournament,” Stoo elaborated. “Plus if the players argue, our managers will find a resolution. We don’t let the arguments go on for too long.”

Another major reason is the presence of new blood. Lycheeeeee and Nenassssss were replaced by Stoo and 4Meyz, a rookie who performed so well this season that he was given the “Rising Star” award by Moonton.

“Even though 4Meyz and I are newbies, we feel like we’ve been on this team for a long time. They’re very welcoming, very open, so we feel comfortable. I can say that we all feel like we are like real brothers, like family.”

The bonds between team members are so strong that they are able to professionally and maturely resolve every argument because in Stoo’s words, “We love each other, we don’t want to lose each other.”

Out of all the members, he feels the closest to Moon. They each own hamsters, which they’re currently taking care of in the team house, and share many of the same interests, like sports.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Stoo’s journey to the championship started in 2018. As he studied for a diploma and played Mobile Legends with his college friends, he met global players from Indonesia — and beat them. After that match, they added him to their friend list, and he joined them for games.

From then on, he recognized that he was playing at a pro-player level. He even made friends with former pro-player EVOS Oura, whom he plays with occasionally.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the last two years. Starting off his career with We Own World, Stoo competed in MPL MY/SG Season 2 where the team finished ninth. He went on to build his own team, Fruity Warrior, that managed to beat Geek Fam in a SEA qualifier.

Unfortunately “something bad happened”, and due to internal conflict, the squad dissolved. “When that moment came, when the team was finished, I cried,” recalled Stoo. “I felt like it was bad luck, but I believed God had a plan for me for a better future, so I keep going.”

After persevering for two months grinding ranked, Red picked him up. Recognizing his achievements over the years and high performing in-game statistics, Todak offered Stoo a place the following season.

Previously a mid laner and mage player who enjoys playing Gusion, Stoo knew that the organization was specifically looking for a fighter, and started to learn a new role in order to suit the meta. “I never imagined that I will play Uranus and X.borg in my life,” said Stoo. “But here I am now.”

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Besides mastering a new role as a fighter, he has been working hard all season behind-the-scenes. Despite only having played five games in the regular season, Stoo stepped up as a leader to become Todak’s unofficial coach because the team did not have a designated one.

“This season, I played a lot in ranked games since I did not participate in training. I’ll tell the rest of Todak’s members about the meta, which heroes are good and so on,” Stoo explained. “I improved my knowledge about drafts and rotations, and analyzed enemy teams — something which I never tried before. I analyze the rotations of enemies and all their favorite camps.”

During the playoffs, Stoo closely studied Todak’s opponents, namely Red Reborn, EVOS SG and Resurgence. During drafts, he would give recommendations for hero picks and counters, and the team will collectively decide how to proceed. Before the game starts, he would also caution the team on their opponent’s preferred rotations.

When it comes to in-game, Stoo told us that Moon is the primary shotcaller with regards to rotations, while the final decision for teamfights is Ciku because he is the hypercarry with the most damage.

Reflecting on the arduous season, the team leader and acting coach only had good words for the squad, “I love these Todak members. I really love this kind of environment because all of us accepts each other as family. The bonding is really hard to find, and this is one of the most precious things I’m grateful for.”

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