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In just a few days, the best Indonesian MLBB teams will clash at the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 11 (MPL ID Season 11).

Defending champion ONIC Esports will try to keep the streak alive as they face some of the toughest teams in the region such as RRQ and EVOS Legends, both of which had major adjustments in the offseason.

This season will determine who will represent the country in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2023 in June.

Here’s everything you need to know about the tournament, including its schedule, format, and where to watch the games.

What is MPL ID Season 11?

MPL ID Season 11 competing teams
Credit: Moonton

MPL ID Season 11 is the official Mobile Legends league in Indonesia hosted by Moonton.

Eight teams will fight for eight weeks in the regular season. In the playoffs, the top six teams will fight for a chance to win the lion’s share of the US$300,000 prize pool.

This is the eighth season since the league became franchise-based.

MPL ID Season 11 format

ONIC Esports MPLI 2022 champion
Credit: Moonton

The format for this season has yet to be revealed. Last season, all the regular season games were played in a double-round robin best-of-three format.

In the playoffs, the third and sixth-seeded teams competed in a single elimination game, while the first and second-seeded teams immediately proceeded to the second round. All matches were played in a best-of-five format, except the grand final, which will be a best-of-seven series.

(To be updated)

MPL ID Season 11 schedule

Week 1

February 17 (Friday)

Aura Fire1 — 2Rebellion Zion
RRQ2 — 0Bigetron Alpha
Geek Slate1 — 2ONIC Esports

February 18 (Saturday)

Alter Ego0 — 2RRQ
Aura Fire0 — 2Geek Slate
Rebellion Zion0 — 2EVOS Legends
Bigetron Alpha0 — 2ONIC Esports

February 19 (Sunday)

EVOS Legends2 — 0Alter Ego
Bigetron Alpha2 — 1Aura Fire

Week 2

February 24 (Friday)

EVOS Legends2 — 1Geek Slate
ONIC Esports2 — 0RRQ
Alter Ego2 — 0Rebellion Zion

February 25 (Saturday)

RRQ2 — 0Aura Fire
ONIC Esports2 — 1Alter Ego
EVOS Legends1 — 2Bigetron Alpha
Geek Slate0 — 2Rebellion Zion

February 26 (Sunday)

Aura Fire1 — 2ONIC Esports
RRQ2 — 1EVOS Legends

Week 3

March 3 (Friday)

Geek Slate2 — 0Alter Ego
Rebellion Zion2 — 1Bigetron Alpha
EVOS Legends2 — 1Aura Fire

March 4 (Saturday)

Bigetron Alpha1 — 2Geek Slate
Rebellion Zion0 — 2RRQ
Alter Ego0 — 2Aura Fire
ONIC Esports2 — 1EVOS Legends

March 5 (Sunday)

Alter Ego0 — 2Bigetron Alpha
ONIC Esports2 — 0Rebellion Zion

Week 4

March 10 (Friday)

Geek Slate2 — 1RRQ
Alter Ego2 — 0EVOS Legends
Rebellion Zion2 — 0Aura Fire

March 11 (Saturday)

RRQ1 — 2Alter Ego
Geek Slate2 — 1Aura Fire
ONIC Esports2 — 0Bigetron Alpha
EVOS Legends2 — 0Rebellion Zion

March 12 (Sunday)

ONIC Esports2 — 1Geek Slate
Bigetron Alpha2 — 1RRQ

Week 5

March 17 (Friday)

Geek Slate2 — 0EVOS Legends
Aura Fire0 — 2Bigetron Alpha
RRQ2 — 1ONIC Esports

March 18 (Saturday)

Bigetron Alpha1 — 2EVOS Legends
Alter Ego0 — 2ONIC Esports
Rebellion Zion1 — 2Geek Slate

March 19 (Sunday)

Rebellion Zion1 — 2Alter Ego
ONIC Esports2 — 0Aura Fire

Week 6

March 23 (Thursday)

EVOS Legends1 — 2RRQ
Alter Ego2 — 1Geek Slate

March 24 (Friday)

Bigetron Alpha2 — 0Rebellion Zion
Aura Fire0 — 2EVOS Legends
RRQ1 — 2Geek Slate

March 25 (Saturday)

EVOS Legends0 — 2ONIC Esports
RRQ2 — 1Rebellion Zion
Aura Fire1 — 2Alter Ego
Geek Slate0 — 2Bigetron Alpha

March 26 (Sunday)

Rebellion Zion0 — 2ONIC Esports
Bigetron Alpha2 — 0Alter Ego


April 5 (Wednesday)

Bigetron Alpha2 — 3Alter Ego
Geek Slate2 — 3EVOS Legends

Bigetron Alpha and Geek Slate have been eliminated.

April 6 (Thursday)

RRQ1 — 3Alter Ego
ONIC Esports3 — 0EVOS Legends

April 7 (Friday)

RRQ2 — 3EVOS Legends
Alter Ego0 — 3ONIC Esports

RRQ has been eliminated.

April 8 (Saturday)

EVOS Legends3 — 2Alter Ego

Alter Ego has been eliminated.

April 9 (Sunday)

ONIC Esports4 — 0EVOS Legends

ONIC Esports is the MPL ID Season 11 champion!

Where to watch the tournament?

All the games will be streamed live on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s official media platforms:

Follow ONE Esports on Facebook for more Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and MPL updates.

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