The biggest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang update has now been rolled out, and there’s a lot to unpack for casual and competitive players alike.

Patch 1.7.94 brings a host of changes, starting with the introduction of Ixia, Land of Dawn’s newest marksman hero. Alongside Ixia, mage heroes have also undergone substantial adjustments, enhancing their viability and impact on the battlefield.

However, the true standout of this update is the complete revamp of the emblem system. This overhaul marks the first major change to the emblem system since the game’s inception.

With a refreshed emblem interface, new emblem sets, talents, and upgrades, players can now customize their heroes more effectively and adapt to diverse playstyles.

Ixia is the newest marksman introduced in Mobile Legends patch 1.7.94

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang marskman hero, Ixia
Credit: Moonton

Passive – Siphon Starlium

Ixia marks enemies hit. Her basic attacks hit a marked enemy twice, deals extra damage and recovers an equal amount of HP.

Skill 1 – Dual Beam

Ixia uses her weapon to send Starlium-charged energy beams in front, dealing physical damage to enemies in a rectangular area and slowing them while gaining extra movement speed. Enemies hit by two energy beams take twice the damage.

Skill 2 – Star Helix

Ixia uses her special Sand Hunter skill and sends out a canister of Starlium energy in the target direction, knocking back nearby enemies, pulling them to the middle after a short delay, and dealing physical damage.

Ultimate – Full Barrage

Ixia disassembles her weapon into six smaller weapons and enters a full barrage state. In this state, Ixia’s skills can be cast in a wider range and her basic attack can be used on at most six enemy units in the fan-shaped area.

Mobile Legends patch 1.7.94 hero adjustments


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Harley
Credit: Moonton

Passive – Magic Master

  • New effect: Dealing damage with basic attacks or skills increases his attack speed by 5-10% (scales with his level)
  • Stacks up to 10 times

Skill 1 – Poker Trick

  • Effect removed: Attack speed increases with each hit that damages an enemy

Skill 2 – Space Escape

  • Movement speed increased from +30% for four seconds to +60% maximum, decaying over four seconds
  • Cooldown reduction increased from 8.5-6.5 seconds to 11-8 seconds (the skill now enters cooldown immediately after its first attack, instead of that being determined by whether the second attack was launched or not)
  • Mana cost decreased from 60-110 to 75-0

Ultimate – Deadly Magic

  • You can now preview the HP loss of the enemy hero he’s about to hit
  • Total damage ratio adjusted from 50% to 30-50% (scales with level)
  • Second attack’s damage adjusted from 100-200+30% magic power to 200+50% magic power


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Odette
Credit: Moonton

Skill 1 – Avian Authority

  • Cast range increased from 6 to 6.5

Skill 2 – Blue Nova

  • Cast range increased from 5.6 to 6.2

Ultimate – Swan Song

  • New effect: The skill can now only be interrupted by petrify, freeze, airborne, transform, suppress, and other advanced crowd control
  • Second stage blink and slow effect removed


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Chang'e
Credit: Moonton

Skill 1 – Starmoon Shockwave

  • Projectile speed slightly increased

Skill 2 – Crescent Moon

  • Projectile speed of her enhanced basic attack slightly increased
  • Her enhanced basic attack damage is now regarded as basic attack damage
  • New effect: Dealing magic damage reduces the cooldown


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Gord
Credit: Moonton

Skill 1 – Mystic Projectile

  • Hitting a target reveals their position for one second

Skill 2 – Mystic Injunction

  • Lifesteal ratio is increased from 50% to 100%

Ultimate – Mystic Gush

  • Damage decreased from 135-225+33% magic power to 110-210+32% magic power
  • Fixed an issue where the area of effect was larger than that shown by the indicator and visual effects


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage hero Valir
Credit: Moonton

Skill 1 – Burst Fireball

  • Cooldown adjusted from 9-7.5s to 9s at all levels
  • Spell vamp ratio increased from 80% to 100%
  • New effect: Grants 50% energy charging time when hitting minions and a stack of fireball when hitting the Turtle or Lord
  • Removed effect: Restores a fireball after each kill
  • Fixed an issue where the area of effect of slow and explosion damage was larger than that shown by the indicator and visual effects


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Aamon Night's Edge skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Skill 1 – Soul Shards

  • Optimized the skill casting
  • It will no longer be followed by basic attacks; the choice will be up to the player instead

Ultimate – Endless Shards

  • Cast range decreased from five to 3.5
  • Cooldown increased from 46-38s to 55-45s
  • Fixed an issue where the skill would deal more damage than it should after being countered by Vengeance


Passive – Invisible Armor

  • Enhanced basic attacks are now regarded as basic attacks and can trigger the attack effects of her equipment
  • Enhanced basic attack’s physical bonus increased from 210% to 215%

Skill 1 – Phantom Slash

  • Slash damage’s physical attack bonus increased from 70 to 75%

Ultimate – Alecto: Final Blow

  • Slow effect partially removed
  • Continuous slow effect increased from 20% to 50%


Skill 2 – Thorned Rose

  • Damage adjusted from 225-400 (+100% extra physical attack) to 165-330 (+130% extra physical attack)


Skill 1 – Heavy Left Punch

  • Hitting creeps now also grants a shield

Skill 2 – Jab

  • It now deals damage to minions along its path


Skill 1 – Attack Wave

  • Base damage each time increased from 270-420 to 270-520
  • Slow effect each time damage is dealt increased from 10%/20%/30% to 20%/40%/60%
  • Cooldown decreased from 7-4.5s to 7-4s

Skill 2 – Sacred Hammer

  • Mana cost decreased from 90 to 70


Ultimate – Bloody Hunt

  • Cooldown increased from 55-45s to 62-48s


Passive – Chivalry Fist

  • Stun duration decreased from 0.8s to 0.6s


Skill 1 – Falling!

  • Attack speed boost adjusted from 50%-75% to 35%-75%


Skill 1 – Forked Lightning

  • Foreswing time slightly reduced

Skill 2 – Ball Lightning

  • Foreswing time slightly reduced
  • Backswing time greatly reduced

Ultimate – Thunder’s Wrath

  • Foreswing time slightly reduced
  • Backswing time greatly reduced


Passive – Let’s Dance

  • Removed effect: Her skills can trigger 115% of physical lifesteal
  • New effect: All her skills can trigger 125% spell vamp

Skill 1 – Be Good!

  • Damage increased from 80-180+65%-90% total physical attack to 90-215+70%-95% total physical attack


Passive – Pursuit

  • Removed effect: His skills can trigger 50% physical lifesteal

Ultimate – Groundsplitter

  • From granting 40%-60% physical lifesteal to only granting 28-40% hybrid lifesteal


Basic attack

  • Lifesteal ratio increased from 80% to 100%

Skill 1 – Cosmetic Lance

  • Spell vamp ratio increased from 50% to 100%

Skill 2 – Spiral Strangling

  • Lifesteal ratio increased from 50% to 100%


  • Spell vamp ratio increased from 30% to 100%
  • From granting 80-120% magic lifesteal to now granting 40%-60% lifesteal



  • Removed effect: Grants 25% physical lifesteal
  • Spell vamp ratio increased from 0 to 50%


Ultimate – Cult Altar

  • Cooldown increased from 80 to 86 seconds
  • The ultimate now enters cooldown upon casting, not after the specter state.

Mobile Legends patch 1.7.94 Battlefield adjustments


Physical and Magic Defense

  • All heroes’ hybrid defense increases at each level: 0.36 (max level is five)


  • Physical lifesteal: lifesteal triggered by physical basic attacks is removed
  • Magic lifesteal: Lifesteal triggered by magic basic attacks and skills removed
  • Spell vamp: Lifesteal triggered by physical and magic skills reserved
  • Lifesteal: Lifesteal is now triggered by physical and magic basic attacks
  • Hybrid lifesteal is changed from Physical lifesteal+magic lifesteal to spell vamp+lifesteal


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Starlium Scythe item teaser
Credit: Moonton

Malefic Roar

  • Now ignores fixed penetration, the effects remain the same against enemies with 200 physical defense
  • Physical penetration decreased from 35% to 20%
  • Penetration increase per defense increased from 0.05% to 0.125%
  • Max penetration increase increased from 20% to 40%

Divine Glaive

  • Magic power decreased from 65 to 60
  • Magic penetration increased from 35% to 40%

Starlium Scythe

  • Combination of Calamity Reaper and Shadow Twinblades
  • 70 magic power + 10% cooldown reduction + 8% hybrid lifesteal + 6 mana regen
  • Build path: Magic Wand + Mystic Container + Azure Blade
  • Cost: 2,220 gold
  • Unique passive – After casting a skill, the next basic attack within 3s deals 100+100% magic power as extra true damage and grants 10% movement speed (1.5s cooldown)

Concentrated Energy

  • Changed from 25% magic lifesteal to 20% spell vamp
  • Unique passive: Recharge – Revamped
  • Dealing magic damage increases magic power by 5 (up to 6 stacks, only 1 stack every 0.4s)
  • At full stacks, increases magic damage by 12% for 3s

Feather of Heaven

  • New attribute: 10% lifesteal

Endless Battle

  • 10% physical lifesteal to 8% hybrid lifesteal

Mystic Container

  • 10% magic lifesteal to 8% spell vamp

Revamped Emblems in Mobile Legends patch 1.7.94

Mobile Legends Karrie guide-Marksman emblem set
Credit: ONE Esports

Standard Talents (Tier 2)

Common – Life Drain

  • Upon minion kills to upon minion kills or assists; new effect, extra mana regeneration

Common – Seasoned Hunter

  • Reduces damage taken from the Lord or Turtle to increased damage dealt to creeps

Support – Pull Yourself Together

  • Reduces resurrection time to reduces active skill cooldown

Marksman – Weapons Master

  • Physical attack increase to physical attack and magic power increase

Core Talents (Tier 3)

Common – Impure Rage

  • Magic damage based on the enemy’s current HP changed to adaptive damage that scales with level; new effect, heroes without mana recover HP instead

Common – Quantum Charge

  • Changed from HP regen based on physical attack to HP regen that scales with level

Mage – Lethal Ignition

  • Changed from magic damage to adaptive damage

Tank – Brave Smite

  • Changed from regen upon crowd control to regen upon skill damage

Marksman – Weakness Finder

  • Only for ranged basic attacks to now for all basic attacks

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