Moonton is spicing things up for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship.

Fans can now be part of the M3 fever by participating in Vote for Glory, an event where you vote for your favorite region, pro player, key opinion leader (KOL), influencer, or fan club before the M3 World Championship.

How to cast your vote in M3 World Championship’s Vote for Glory event

There are four Vote for Glory categories: region, KOLs, pro players, and team fan club.

You can vote multiple times in each category, provided you complete certain tasks, such as sharing the page on different social media platforms.

Tons of rewards are in store for players who participate in the event. What’s more, all players who voted the winning region at the end of the voting period will receive a special border.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship, Vote For Glory poster
Credit: Moonton

The most popular KOLs in each region will receive US$2,000 and customized battle emote that will be released in May. On the other hand, the KOL with the most overall votes will receive US$5,000 and a special “M3 Global Hit” title in-game.

The pro player with the most votes will be proclaimed the “Players’ Choice of M3” and will receive a medal during the M3 World Championship.

Lastly, the team fan club with the most votes will get the “United As One” title and medal. All who voted for the winning team fan club will receive one diamond coupon in-game.

There is also a chance to win in-game rewards, and even a random Epic skin if you login everyday to cast your vote on the Vote Your Glory webpage.

How to participate in Mobile Legends’ Vote for Glory event

You can access the voting page by logging into the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang client and clicking on the Vote Your Glory event banner.

Login your account and you’re all set! You’ll have free votes for each category daily, which will refresh every day.


You can get additional votes by logging into the webpage daily and by visiting the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Facebook page through the webpage.

Voting starts on November 13 and will end on November 28.

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