After a crushing 0-3 defeat to EVOS Legends in the Upper Bracket Finals, RRQ faced off against hometown heroes, Todak, in the Lower Bracket Finals, with a spot in the Grand Finals against EVOS on the line.

Game one

RRQ was a dominant force in the first game. In the first three minutes, RRQ took first blood and a turtle to get the gold advantage. With TDK’s bot lane still figuring out their positioning, Xinn made a quick appearance and took a double kill with the help of Liam and Lemon.

Xinn was a huge factor in this game. Just a minute later, he would clash with 3 TDK members, taking down Ciku and dying to Moon’s skill shot. Luckily enough, Tuturuu followed up with a takedown of the low-life Moon, granting RRQ with a 2-for-1 skirmish.

By the 13-minute mark, RRQ destroyed the last tower inside TDK’s base and committed to the final push. With Eone taking a burning death from Vynn’s firewall, TDK had to retreat into their inner base. With no one left defending, Lemon initiated the finish on the base inhibitor, taking game one for RRQ.

Game two

Game two was no different for RRQ. Now on the blue side of the map, RRQ dominated in both kills and tower takedowns, putting TDK at a significant disadvantage.

TDK felt the wrath of Xinn once again in the top lane. Within seconds, Xinn pounced on Moon and chased Ciku down for a double kill. Even though Eone and Nenas came to avenge their fallen teammates, they added to RRQ’s kill count as Lemon and Vynn chased them down.

Fourteen minutes in, RRQ stormed the base with only two of TDK alive. Unable to defend, Xray and Nenas had to watch as RRQ depleted the health bar of the base inhibitor, taking another win for RRQ.

Game three

With their backs against the wall, TDK dug deep and managed to fight back in game three. The Malaysian team focused on suppressing RRQ by attacking them in the jungle.

Although TDK started to push through the top lane to secure a path to RRQ’s inhibitor, Tuturuu made an effort to keep the pressure on the bot lane. This would prompt TDK to eventually rotate to protect their base.

Nearing the fifteenth minute, TDK’s Moon perfectly caught both Lemon and Vynn in a deadly meteor shower. Liam and Xinn raced back to defend, but TDK were able to take them down too. With four members of RRQ dead, TDK raced to the inhibitor and claimed their first win in the series.

Game four

RRQ were eager to finish the series, and fought hard in game four, trying to finish the Malaysian squad off. Rushing for a solid advantage, RRQ quickly took down the first tower and got first blood by the three-minute mark.

TDK had a close call around nine minutes in when Xinn and Tuturuu took down the last middle tower, but Moon luckily cleared out the creep wave with a Meteor Shower to stop the push.

RRQ would make their way back into sieging the base after acquiring another Lord, eliminating Nenas and Xray from the fight. With only Moon left to defend the base, Ciku tried to teleport back, but Liam miraculously interrupted the cast with a knock-up skill.

As the other TDK members respawned and joined the battle, Lemon showboated with a maniac quad-kill. Although TDK played their best, RRQ proved themselves to have a championship mindset, finishing the series with a 3-1 standing.

RRQ now moves on to the Grand Finals for a well-earned rematch against EVOS Legends.

You can check out the stream in the link down below:

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