The 2022 Starlight Fest Exclusive Skin is Hawk-eyed Sniper Lesley, which is set in a universe where she obtains the power of Thor.

According to Moonton’s description, she gained lightning powers after completing a trial, which also granted her a pet hawk.

Once part of the musketeers, the cheerleading team, and the sniper cell in the military, she hangs all of those outfits up for something much more spectacular.

This is the eighth skin in her collection, after Royal Musketeer, General Rosa, Cheergunner, Stellaris Ghost, Dangerous Love, Angelic Agent, Lethal Lady, and Falcon Mistress.

Preview of Hawk-eyed Sniper Lesley skill effects

Hawk-eyed Sniper Lesley Starlight Fest skin preview
Screenshot by Amand Tan/ONE Esports

Purple is the primary color of Hawk-eyed Sniper Lesley, used in contrast with shades of pearl, highlighted with royal gold.

The first thing you’ll notice about her are her dual eye colors. Her right eye is a light macaroon while her left glows purple, a sign of her newfound powers. This duality extends to her long, pleated mane, which is dyed a light eggplant color with striking white at the fringe.

Every single piece of her armor and Black Vulture weapon is stylized with jagged edges that further depict the stormy, lightning motif.

Hawk-eyed Sniper Lesley first skill Master of Camouflage skill effects
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

When her first skill, Master of Camouflage, is used, she goes invisible. Her weapon can still be seen, glowing soft lilac and giving off a glassy and glossy finish.

Hawk-eyed Sniper Lesley second skill Tactical Grenade skill effects
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Her second skill, Tactical Grenade, is naturally flashy, and emits violet lightning in a cone when cast. Wings also appear behind Lesley at the end of the animation sequence.

Hawk-eyed Sniper Lesley ultimate Ultimate Snipe skill effects
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Ultimate Snipe produces one of the most elaborate ultimate animations ever seen in-game. The moment Lesley starts channeling, prismatic colors appear at the tip of her rifle that extend outwards like a rainbow.

Her pet hawk, too, refracts the same light, and flies in and out of her weapon in dramatic fashion with each bullet cast. What a spectrum!

A brand new recall effect, avatar border, and battle emote will also be released with the skin on November 21.

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