The second day of the ONE Esports MPL Invitational ended with a thrilling match between MPL MY/SG rivals, EVOS SG and Orange Louvre Esports.

Game One

Orange Louvre Esports achieved what looked impossible in the first game with an incredible comeback despite EVOS SG leading in kills and gold all throughout the game.

EVOS SG looked unstoppable in the first 10 minutes as Orange Louvre had no answer to JPL’s Jawhead setups that allowed Pokemon’s Esmeralda to get a huge gold and exp lead. It was until the 11-minute mark that Orange Louvre showed signs of life after a Lord steal and constant pressure from Masha’s split pushing prowess.

However, EVOS SG had a difficult time in the late game due to Orange Louvre’s split push strategy with Masha and Ling leading the way.

The split push strat was successful as EVOS SG couldn’t get a good timing in securing objectives moving forward. The late-game scaling for the side of Orange Louvre had also become a problem for EVOS SG.

A teamfight at the 21-minute mark went hugely in favor of Orange Louvre as they emerged victorious after a wipeout on the side of EVOS SG. Orange Louvre then immediately went mid and destroyed the base, winning game one in what was definitely the best comeback of MPLI so far.

Game Two

In game two, EVOS SG ensured they didn’t give Orange Louvre another chance for a comeback, leading in all aspects and taking complete control of the battlefield. The domination can be credited to Yi-Sun Shin snowballing in the game after a few pick-offs

At the 11-minute mark, EVOS SG has destroyed all of Orange Louvre’s towers and continued to apply pressure.

The siege was too much for Orange Louvre Esports and they faltered at the 12-minute mark to an aggressive EVOS push bolstered by a Lord buff.

Game Three

Much like the second game, EVOS SG started off the game with a huge advantage after Potato secured a double kill in just two minutes. The lead widened as EVOS SG killed three members of Orange Louvre Esports in six minutes.

Orange Louvre Esports struggled all throughout the match due to the pickoffs to Aim’s Rafaela and Joker’s Hylos.EVOS SG tried to finish the game early by getting the Lord buff in the 10-minute mark and pushing heavily, but it was fended off by Orange Louvre Esports as they managed to kill off four members of EVOS SG.

Orange Louvre counter-pushed but were unsuccessful. EVOS SG tried to take the Lord buff again at the 15-minute mark and the final push was too much for the boys in orange, as EVOS took the game, and with it the series.

EVOS SG will now face Myanmar’s Ronin Esports on the third day of the MPL Invitational, for a spot in the Quarterfinals against MPL MM champion, Burmese Ghouls.

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