MPL PH champions, Bren Esports, have defeated MPL MM champs, Burmese Ghouls, in the second semifinal of the ONE Esports MPL Invitational, booking their ticket to the Final.

Game One

The first game went the way of Burmese Ghouls who opted for a very aggressive double core and double tank setup of Claude, Yi-Sun Shin, Barats, and Hilda.

Burmese Ghouls asserted dominance early on in the game with pushy invades into Bren Esports’ jungle.

In the mid-game, Burmese Ghouls increased their aggressiveness and went on to successfully rotate as a team and kill off each member of Bren one-by-one. By the eight-minute mark, they were leading by seven kills and a steadily increasing gold lead.

The Myanmar squad went on to get the Lord buff at the 11-minute mark, leading in all aspects including net worth which was an astounding 11k gold lead. One last push was all Burmese Ghouls needed to seal the deal, as they took the 1-0 lead.

Game Two

It was a different story in the second game as Bren Esports came out ahead thanks to their mid-late game scaling and objective control.

Bren Esports’ KarlTzy and Ribo outmaneuvered the whole Burmese Ghouls squad in terms of map and objective control, such as three turtles going to the side of Bren Esports.

Overtime, Bren Esports were getting easy teamfights and despite the Myanmar squad getting good looks in their initiations, it wasn’t enough to get a lead against Bren Esports.

A Lord buff in the 10-minute mark was enough for Bren Esports to push towards their base and eventually force the decider, 1-1.

Game Three

In the deciding game, Bren Esports’ Ribo and KarlTzy put on a show with perfect games of 8/0/6 and 8/0/7, respectively. They never backed down in teamfights and most skirmishes went their way despite often facing unfavorable numbers.

The game started off with Bren Esports racing out to a huge lead of 6-1 in just five minutes thanks to their insane early damage output with their three-mage setup.

At the 10-minute mark, Bren Esports solidified their massive advantage even more after getting the Lord buff. By 11 minutes it was all but over, and Bren cruised to victory with a lopsided 21-4 kill count.

Bren Esports will now face Indonesia’s Alter Ego in the Final.

After the semifinal, Bren’s coach Duckey said, “We’ve been scrimming with Alter Ego for a few weeks so it’s just a regular day for us.”

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