Alter Ego’s undefeated win streak continues as they took down Geek Fam ID 2-0 to start the final day of the ONE Esports MPL Invitational.

Game One

Alter Ego captured the first game swiftly with a bruiser lineup consisting of Baxia and Barats manning the frontlines against an aggressive yet squishy lineup of Geek Fam.

It was a seesaw battle in the first 10 minutes with both teams feeling the pace of the game and not engaging in any big teamfights. Both teams also maintained rotations to get a few towers and objectives.

The momentum quickly shifted after the 10-minute mark when Alter Ego secured a Lord buff and managed to push Geek Fam’s interior base turrets.

Geek Fam wasn’t able to defend their base, and at the 13-minute mark lost four members in quick succession. With no towers left and a wide open base, Alter Ego marched to victory, taking the 1-0 lead.

Game Two

Geek Fam got off to a great start in game two, securing a 9-0 kill lead in just five minutes. However, Alter Ego refused to give up as they maintained composure and slowly got themselves back into the game, until the 13-minute mark when they successfully evened up the gold and put the kill score to 8-16.

A perfectly-calculated teamfight at the 14-minute mark erupted in the bottom river, resulting in Alter Ego picking up a complete wipeout over Geek Fam. Alter Ego used the opportunity to push down the mid base turret and get the Lord buff afterwards.

Alter Ego’s aggressive final push was too much for Geek Fam as they took down Geek Fam’s base and ended the series.

Alter Ego will face the winner of Bren Esports vs Burmese Ghouls in the Final.

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