One player from Bountee Esports has been banned from participating in any MLBB official tournaments, Moonton Games announced on Facebook.

Midlaner Nik “Dominus” Muhyyiddin was handed a one-year suspension, effective immediately, for attempted match-fixing and two counts of attempting to provide financial incentives to Bountee Esports players to intentionally lose a match in MPL MY Season 13.

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This means that Dominus cannot participate in any Moonton Games-sanctioned tournaments until April 18, 2025.

Moonton Games releases official announcement amid Bountee Esports controversy

As per Moonton’s rulebook (12.2.14), the player has violated its anti-match fixing rule, which states that “No team member may offer, agree, conspired, or attempt to influence the outcome of a game or a match by any means that are prohibited by law or these rules.”

In their official statement, Moonton Games stressed their zero-tolerance policy on match-fixing.

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“It is crucial for us to step up efforts for the national esports landscape this year, with Malaysia set to welcome the top Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports teams as the host of the M6 World Championship,” they wrote.

Dominus began competing in MPL MY/SG Season 2 with Geek Fam, staying with them until Season 9 when they were eliminated from the league after finishing in 9th-10th place.

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He returned in MPL MY Season 13 with Bountee Esports after the team secured a slot in the MPL MY qualifier.

MPL MY Season 13 regular season ends on May 12, 2024. Check the most updated schedule and results here.

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