Aura PH is the first non-champion team to make it through to the ONE Esports MPL Invitational Quarterfinals after they defeated rivals, ONIC PH, in a thrilling best of 3.

Game One

The first game of the series was a convincing ONIC PH victory, with Kairi’s Ling proving everyone once again that he is a huge threat in this tournament with a 4/0/3 performance.

It was a neck-and-neck battle in the first few minutes as both teams were feeling each other out before committing to any big decisions.

As the match progressed, ONIC PH outpaced Aura PH in getting objectives and towers. The 10-minute mark was the turning point as they secured a 3-0 teamfight and eventually the Lord.

Another Lord at the 14-minute mark was the finishing blow ONIC PH needed as they were able to steamroll past the base turrets and ultimately the base of Aura PH, getting a well-deserved 1-0 lead against the boys in orange.

Game Two

The second game was a classic as Aura PH won in nail-biting fashion to force game three. Greed’s Akai and Jaypee’s Harith were instrumental in the comeback of Aura PH.

ONIC PH had a very large lead in the first few minutes of the game as they were able to shut down Bennyqt’s Brody in the top lane.

The start of the back-and-forth teamfights happened at the 10-minute mark when Aura initiated a push with a Lord buff in the bot lane but were successfully pushed back by Hadess’ Lancelot on his own.

Aura PH slowly made their way to ONIC PH’s base, but were met with resistance as the hedgehog team was also committed to defending their own base.

Numerous team fights and close-calls happened, but it wasn’t until the 24-minute mark when Aura PH got the upper hand, killing four members of ONIC PH to open up their base and eventually tie the series at 1-1.

Game Three

It was the same story for the third game with ONIC PH having the lead in the early game but losing the advantage as the minutes went on.

Aura PH’s domination started at the 11-minute mark when they were able to dictate the tempo and get the first Lord of the game. The squad in orange went on to maintain offensive pressure and force ONIC PH to be on the defensive end all throughout.

Another Lord at the 17-minute mark by Aura PH was the icing on the cake as they were able to mount more pressure. Aura PH initiated the final push at the 20-minute mark and killed three ONIC PH members in the process.

The remaining two members weren’t able to defend the base, giving the final win for the MPL PH S4 and S5 champions.

Aura PH will now face MPL PH S6 champions Bren Esports in the Quarterfinals next weekend.

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