Aura PH proved to be the better of the two Aura teams as the Filipino squad took down their Indonesian counterparts, Aurafire, with a 2-1 final scoreline.

Game One

Aura PH snatched the first win against Aura Fire in a long match that lasted more than 20 minutes. In the first five minutes of the match, the Filipino team dictated the tempo, leading in both gold and kills. This lead widened after Aura PH snagged a wipeout on the 7th-minute mark.

Aura Fire answered back in the mid game, getting a few kills of their own and slimming the kill lead and gold advantage despite Aura PH getting the Lord buff 15 minutes into the game. Big team fights afterwards resulted in both suffering heavy losses.

After a long time of hesitation and constant team fights near the Lord pit, Aura PH was able to capture the Lord buff and prompted them to push onwards in the mid lane to finish the game. They were successful despite the valiant defence of Aura Fire, inking the first game with a 1-0 lead.

Game Two

Aura Fire bounced back in the second game despite a lackluster early-mid game performance. Aura PH looked very strong in the first few minutes after securing two turtles in just six minutes and gaining an early map dominance.

An extended team fight in the mid game was the turning point for Aura Fire, securing a few kills such as the 3-0 team fight and the Lord buff in the 11th minute mark.

The Indonesian powerhouse maintained pressure and continued to push Aura PH up until they pushed Aura PH’s mid base turret.

Another 3-0 beating and a Lord buff in the 17th minute mark sealed the deal for Aura Fire, getting the equalizer and forcing the deciding game, 1-1.

Game Three

In the final game of the series, both teams started out strong in the first five minutes, showing patience by not forcing any team fights that could spell disaster in the long run. Aura PH slowly started securing objectives left and right as they took towers and stole buffs from Aura Fire.

Aura PH also focused on split pushing, led by veteran Killuash, which forced Aura Fire to be reactive and defend the base instead of looking for offensive openings.

The advantage of the Filipino squad was at its peak when they got the Lord buff in the 11th-minute mark.

Without hesitation, Aura PH marched towards Aura Fire’s base and immediately destroyed all the towers and eventually the base just before the 12-minute mark.

Aura PH will now face Filipino rivals, ONIC PH, in tomorrow’s match. The winner will go on to face MPL PH Champions, Bren Esports, in next week’s Quarterfinals.

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