Cold temperatures can sometimes get in the way of fashion, but who says you can’t be stylish wearing layers of jackets and hoodies?

The new Worlds 2022 merch collection features an assortment of comfy yet snazzy pieces that can keep you warm, especially if you’re watching the League of Legends World Championship live in its venues around North America.

These garments are your perfect viewing companions during the fall season, protecting you from NA’s harsh colds while making a statement as an avid LoL Esports fan.

Fresh Worlds 2022 merch is the one and only collection LoL esports fans will ever need

The collection includes thick jackets, a hoodie, and a vest, ideal for layering as you tour this year’s host region.

Adopting Worlds 2022’s theme and colors, the pieces are very simple and play on shades of white, blue, black, and beige. The tournament’s iconic logo and font face are plastered on all apparel without being over the top.

We absolutely love the tall collar puffer jacket, which can fit any LoL player’s aesthetic. Pair it with the collection’s extra comfort joggers and you’re ready to hit the streets!

If you appreciate the tournament’s overall branding, the 5 panel surfers hat would suit you well. The headpiece’s sections include a tiny “One & Only” text pattern and a huge Worlds text logo.

Worlds 2022 merch 5 panel surfers hat
Credit: Riot Games

There are two display collectibles in this drop, featuring LoL champion LeBlanc in her Championship skin and Annie’s best friend, Tibbers.

Tibbers, in particular, is dressed for the occasion, sporting a petite version of the collection’s heavyweight hoodie.

The League of Legends Worlds 2022 merch collection ranges from US$135 to US$35.

XL ponchoUS$135
Tall collar puffer jacketUS$120
Puff vestUS$110
WMNS mid collar topUS$110
Heavyweight hoodieUS$90
Championship LeBlanc Unlocked StatueUS$85
Extra comfort joggersUS$75
Tibbers plushUS$35
Extra comfort joggersUS$35
5 panel surfers hatUS$35

All items are now available at the official Riot Games store.

Worlds 2022 started on September 29 and will conclude on November 5. The tournament will tour parts of North America from Mexico to California. View the full Worlds 2022 schedule and results here.

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