Updated on April 8, 2:59 p.m. (GMT+8): Improved relevancy in light of Bjergsen’s second retirement announcement.

Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg is a living legend in the competitive world of League of Legends.

In 11 years, the Great Dane has racked up nine LCS titles, and multiple MVP and All-Star awards. He has also made five appearances in the prestigious League of Legends World Championship in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2020.

In April 2023, he announced his retirement from the League of Legends pro scene. The first time he retried was at the end of 2020 where he transited from pro player to TSM’s head coach. He then came back to pro play as Team Liquid’s and 100 Thieves’ mid laner.

Let’s take a look back at best of the best Bjergsen’s plays over the years.

Top 5 greatest Bjergsen plays of all time

5. Watch this sniper’s accuracy using Zed’s shuriken

In IEM Katowice 2015, Bjergsen proved his power to the rest of the world, beating some of the finest mid laners in an international setting. In the semifinals, TSM faced a worthy opponent in the Taiwanese team of Flash Wolves.

After dropping the first game, the Danish mid laner came back in game two with a defiant Zed. In a flexing dive made by Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang’s LeBlanc, Bjergsen immediately punished with a Death Mark and made a sweet escape with Living Shadow. Even though Maple was making his quick getaway into the bush, he quickly switched with his shadow once again to snipe Maple for the solo kill.

4. Commemorating his first-ever pentakill

In his earlier years, Bjergsen built his reputation as a god-like mid laner with his first team of Copenhagen Wolves.

Even though the young talent signed up at the age of 16, Riot had instated age-restrictions for players, saying that Bjergsen had to be 17 in order to play. Despite CW suffering a nine-game drought during Season 3 of the European LCS, young buck turned 17 just in time for the last game of Week 4.

Against French team against All authority, Bjergsen managed to prove his worth in the mid lane with just one amazing Syndra play.

In a jungle clash, he situated himself on the side and initiated a near-deadly Scatter the Weak on his opponent mid laner. With the rest of CW charging in, the Syndra player timed his advance as a re-engage and chased down the remaining players for a debuting pentakill.

With that play, the Danish playmaker officially established himself as one of the best upcoming mid laners in the world.

3. Bjergsen and Biofrost fly over Dignitas

During a summer match against Dignitas, Bjergsen committed to an incredible dog fight with Corgi and Vincent “Biofrost” Wang’s Yuumi as his co-pilot.

With TSM already at Soul Point, the Corki player flew straight into the dragon pit and shot DIG bot laner Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen down for a 4v5 advantage. As the fight continued, he rained bullets and missiles onto those who were stuck in the pit.

While two DIG players got away, the Corki player flew into range with the help of Yuumi’s movement speed boost and took them out in high-flying fashion. However, Bjergsen only picked up a quadra after Biofrost’s Aery killed off a retreating member for the KS.

2. Slashing his way through a 1v2 on Yasuo

Once Bjergsen made it across the lake and into the NA region in 2014, the league was ready to experience a new kind of mayhem in the Rift.

In a regular-season match against CompLexity Gaming, he flexed his mechanics on the tilt-inducing champion of Yasuo. Confidently going into a 1v2 skirmish in the top lane, he baited a chase and immediately turned around for a pinpoint tornado-Last breath combo.

After taking down his first target in Kez’s Elise, Bjergsen danced around Westrice’s Renekton and managed to heal himself by clearing a minion wave with Steel Tempest.

With just one more knock-up on Westrice, he conquered the 2v1 and solidified his status as one of NA’s finest mid laners.

1. Bjergsen lands a three-man scoop with a double-kill on top

While TSM had its ups and downs during the 2020 season, Bjergsen always strived to put in 200% effort to lead his team to victory. During a tense playoff series against the new and improved Golden Guardians, he was indeed the X-factor that incited TSM to reverse-sweep the series.

In one clinical mid lane play, Bjergsen’s Azir turned the tides of the potential final match with a quickfire Emperor’s Charge, scooping back half of the GG squad. To add icing to the cake, he also picked up a double-kill on both of GG’s carries.

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