Since last year, Sentinels’ Valorant superstar Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has talked about his grandma on his Twitch streams, sharing about her League of Legends adventures.

Yes, you heard that right.

His grandma is so hip that she plays League of Legends on the North American server. She only plays All Random All Mid (ARAM), and has invested at least 10,000 hours in the game.

TenZ’s grandma hit level 1,000 on her League of Legends North America account and here’s proof

Sentinels Valorant star player TenZ screenshot of his grandma's League of Legends level 1000 account on NA
Credit: TenZ on Twitter

TenZ’s grandma reached 600 last year. Just today, she finally levelled up her account to 1,000, and to celebrate this achievement, he posted a screenshot on Twitter.

Just like Valorant and Wild Rift, Riot Games ties a level to your account, which ranks up no matter the game mode. It’s not in any way related to ranked, but rather, a reflection of your actual playtime.

Every game played in League of Legends gives you experience and levels up your account, and players automatically get rewarded with new borders for every level.

TenZ's grandma League of Legends North American account stats as shown on OP.GG
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

His grandma’s IGN on NA is “FeatherThorn”. Based on stats on OP.GG, she has played a total of 89 champions in ARAM, most of it on AD carries like Quinn, Xayah, Draven, and Graves.

She seems pretty good on mages too, racking up a positive 6.4 KDA and a 68% win rate on Vel’Koz, and 78% win rate on Veigar, two of the strongest champions in this game mode.

These exceptional gaming genes clearly run in the family.

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