While ten champions were adjusted in patch 11.1, Aphelios wasn’t one of them. However, he’s been indirectly buffed thanks to marksman item Runaan’s Hurricane, along with Jinx, Kayle and other champions who utilize this as a core.

During the preseason, Runaan’s was priced at a whopping 3,400 gold. It was very expensive compared to its 2,600 original cost. Its recipe also changed to introduce an additional 25 Attack Damage, but it never justified the cost.

Even though Riot wanted to shift this item into a fourth or fifth item choice, it did not pan out. Instead, champions who relied on it greatly for their two-item power spike, like Aphelios and Jinx, fell to the lowest tiers in favor of lethality-based Jhin and Miss Fortune, and of course 300 years Samira.

Credit: Riot Games

“This isn’t panning out, and champs who want it as their second item are suffering from the high cost of their Mythic+Runaan’s+IE core build,” wrote Riot. “We’re rebalancing Runaan’s to feel better as a second purchase.”

Runaan’s Hurricane

  • Attack damage removed
  • Wind’s Fury bolt damage reduced from 40-70% total AD (level 1-18) to 40% total AD
  • Build path adjusted from Pickaxe + Zeal + Dagger + 1025 gold to Dagger + Zeal + Dagger + 850 gold
  • Total cost reduced from 3400 gold to 2500 gold

Runaan’s is even cheaper now than before. You’re still going to get that 40% speed, 20% critical strike chance, and 7% movement speed for a great price much earlier in the game in tradeoff for a flat bolt damage. That’s more than fair.

Currently, Aphelios has a 47.44% win rate on the high ELO solo queue ladder according to OP.GG, while Jinx stands at 48.56%. Both are under 50%, and can’t be compared to top tier AD carry Jhin who has racked up a 51.85% win rate.

So if you didn’t get enough Aphelios highlights in 2020, it’s time to gear up for more.

Click here for the full patch 11.1 notes.

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