Former LCS player for Cloud9 Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer is back on the European region as Fnatic confirmed him as their newest mid laner.

From white and blue to black and orange, Nisqy will be playing for Fnatic for the 2021 season. Riot Games still has to officially approve this roster change from Fnatic, but this pretty much confirms that he will be replacing Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek.

Nisqy isn’t really a newbie to Fnatic, as he has played under Fnatic Academy (now Fnatic Rising) back in 2016.

“If there’s one team to make it in Europe, it’s probably Fnatic, right?” said Nisqy in the organization’s official roster announcement. “A lot of people think that G2 is unbeatable. I do believe that if we work hard as five, we can make it. That’s one of my goals. On a personal note, I’m here to show everyone that I’m still a top European mid.”

Nisqy is already an experienced mid laner, and is a great addition to Fnatic this coming LEC Spring Split 2021.

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