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The new Baron in League of Legends has a lot more than meets the eye. Or eyes, in his case.

Unchanged for the longest time since 2014, the Rift’s biggest monster is finally getting a visual and gameplay revamp in season 14.

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This epic Baron update changes it from single monster to one that possesses three forms, all of which changes the terrain around its vicinity on the top side of the map.

As a result, players will require new late game strategies when they approach the objective when it spawns at the 20-minute mark.

New Baron update means you’ll have to approach it differently in League of Legends season 14 in 2024

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The three new Baron forms are: Territorial Baron, Hunting Baron, and All-Seeing Baron.

You can instantly tell which is which by pit variants. It will also launch unique attacks that compliment its pit type.

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Do note that Baron buff itself doesn’t change — you’ll still get the standard Hand of Baron when your team kills any of its variants, with the usual 180 second buff that grants bonus attack damage, bonus ability power, empowered recall, and an aura that empowers minions.

Territorial Baron

Territorial Baron pit in League of Legends Preseason 2024 update
Credit: Riot Games

Territorial Baron creates a wall in front of the pit and uses his new hands to pull champions towards him.

Hunting Baron

Normal Baron pit in League of Legends Preseason 2024 update
Credit: Riot Games

Hunting Baron leaves the pit unchanged. Baron in this form blasts all nearby enemies with lightning from above.

All-Seeing Baron

All-Seeing Baron pit with tunnels  in League of Legends Preseason 2024 update
Credit: Riot Games

All-Seeing Baron closes off the front and opens up both sides creating a tunnel. It also opens a Void Rift that creates a damage over time zone within its tunnel pit.

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