Hwei isn’t your standard League of Legends champion with four basic abilities.

He is the first to possess a total of 10 unique spells. Besides his ultimate, his other nine standard spells require you to press two keys to activate.

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Because of this, Viego players are most interested to know what happens when they take over a dead Hwei’s body in-game.

ONE Esports had the chance to ask Riot Lexi “Lexical” Gao, Senior Product Manager for League of Legends champions, about these mechanics.

Abilities you get access to as Viego when you possess Hwei’s body

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We know that if Viego kills champions with more than one form and takes over their body, he assumes the form they’re in when they died.

For example, if Nidalee was in cougar form at death and he chooses to utilize his Sovereign’s Domination possession, he will assume the same cougar form with no access to her human abilities. The same goes for Elise, Jayce, Gnar, and Shyvanna to name a few.

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Hwei has three subjects, or stances if you will, called disaster, serenity, and torment. Disaster packs offensive spells, serenity are utility, while torment are for crowd control.

Hwei concept art used in Champion Insights
Credit: Riot Games

Riot Lexical clarified with ONE Esports that Viego players will get access to his full range of nine basic spells no matter which subject he was in at death.

So yes, you’ll get the chance to press QQ, QW, QE, WQ, WW, WE, and EQ, EW, and EE.

Of course, since the long range control mage isn’t even on PBE yet, this could change after more testing is done.

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To clarify further, for Sylas players, you’ll be able to hijack Hwei’s ultimate, Spiraling Despair, a vision that sticks onto an enemy champion and expands.

Enemies within the zone take magic damage per second and are afflicted with stacks of Despair that overtime that applies a percent slow.

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