Hwei and Jhin are closely tied together in terms of lore.

Both from Ionia, Jhin plays a big role in shaping him to be the masterful artist that he is today.

Described as “a paint mage, a brooding antihero, and a humanoid male mid laner,” by Riot Games, Hwei is the first champion in League of Legends who is able to cast 10 unique spells.

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Outside of his ultimate, his nine basic spells grouped into three subjects require two buttons to cast.

How did he come to be who is he today? Riot’s Champion Insights tells us more.

Hwei and Jhin’s relationship

League of Legends mage champion Hwei final concept art
Credit: Riot Games

Hwei grew up in a temple on Koyehn, a small Ionian island where he spent his time painting.

The temple, located in a mill town, houses students who are there to learn about how to wield the power of artistic magic through precision and balance.

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In Hwei’s case, when he attempted to combine his wild imagination and talent for painting, the temple masters reeled him in, telling him to stick to “traditional practices.”

To continue living life at the temple, he conformed on the outside while secretly honing his special abilities in secret, feeling “fascinated and fearful of his own power.” Because of this act, he rose to become an honored member of the community.

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His life changed when another outstanding artist joined the artist temple. They become close because Jhin was the only person who understood his art — but the Virtuoso betrays him in the end by launching a brutal attack on the temple, swapping out his brush for a gun.

After all, this man believes murder is art.

This leaves Hwei scarred and confused. He hasn’t quite found closure after this major loss, and expresses his sorrow through art, which Riot encapsulates in his kit.

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