Popular Korean esports organization T1 has been under fire recently from diehard fanatics questioning its leaked off-season movements, one of which was the hiring of LCK color-caster Nick “LS” De Cesare as a coach.

While T1 has yet to respond to the public outcry, it eventually hired Lee “Zefa” Jae-min as its new coach.

LS has now released a video sharing his side of the story.

In the video, LS addressed the T1 controversy and what actually happened between him and the organization.

Though he and Choi “Polt” Seong-hun were slated to be the next coaches of T1 as rumored in a Discord leak, LS said that he was originally approached to be a content creator and that being a coach would limit his current voice on his various platforms.

“I did have the choice to be a coach at T1. This was a legitimate thing that was potentially going to happen,” said LS. “But at the same time, the original reason that I was joining was as a content creator.”

“I still want that freedom to communicate with all the communities and produce League content and talk with people, and be active on Twitter, and try to elevate the game and try to talk about things that can improve the game,” LS continued. “If I joined as a coach, I wouldn’t be able to do something like that.”

Despite originally being from America, LS has lived in Korea for ten years and is working towards a permanent visa and expressed his deep love and gratitude to the Korean people and their country.

“It’s why I’ve been here the whole time and it’s why I refuse to leave and why it’s my home,” said LS. “America’s not my home and it hasn’t been in a long time; Korea is my home.”

The T1 controversy has especially put the T1 fanbase in a bad light, but LS assures that the few bad apples that bullied him and the org do not speak for the entire fandom. The renowned color-caster was a big fan of T1 (formerly SKT) even back to its StarCraft 1 days, citing his SC idols such as BoxeR and Fantasy.

“I know that T1 fans are not what they are said to be,” stated LS. “I know T1 fans are some of the most passionate in the entire world. The T1 fandom is the best that I’ve have ever seen in terms of how much they seem to care about the players and the team and everything else so I recognize that and I’ve always recognized that.”

With T1 backing him as a content creator, League fans can look forward to more of the same analysis content of LS to a whole new level.

You can watch the update video down below:

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