Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng is without a doubt one of the most celebrated League of Legends players to come out of the NA region.

With almost a decade of pro play under his belt, the ADC has racked up eight LCS championships, five-time LCA All-Star awards, and six Worlds appearances.

With the NA superstar announcing his retirement yesterday, let’s take a look back at the top five plays of Doublelift’s career.

5. 2020 LCS Summer SplitDoublelift traps Cloud9 in the river

While Doublelift is now considered an old guard of the LCS, he kept up his sharpshooting dominance all the way to his last playoffs appearance.

Going up against spring champions Cloud9, the reformed TSM squad was out to prove their worth once again. With the team prioritizing dragons for the late-game advantage, Cloud9 opted to contest their taking of the buff.

With DL lining up the river with Caitlyn’s traps, the clash was already in their favor. While Eric “Licorice” Ritchie’s Maelstrom got a quick stun on DL, he immediately went to town on the rest of C9.

From the backline, Doublelift shot down Yasin “Nisqy” Dincer with a quick-release Ace in the Hole. With his opponents trying to retreat into his line of traps, DL got the final hit on Licorice and managed to claim the triple kill with a handful of free hits on Robert “Blaber” Huang.

4. 2015 LCS Summer FinalsDoublelift wipes out TSM with Jinx

Back in his earlier days with Counter Logic Gaming, Doublelift was known for his heated rivalries with other superteams in the region, especially TSM.

In the 2015 LCS Summer Finals, TSM did their best to continue their championship streak, but Doublelift was just an absolute monster in the bot lane.

With CLG going all-in to claim their second game win, TSM ADC Jason “WildTurtle” Tran kited team with his heavy-hitting Kog’Maw. With only Doublelift and Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black still standing, the legendary ADC made use of Jinx’s Get Excited! and run-and-gunned his way to a game-winning penta-kill.

3. 2013 All-Star Game – Doublelift gets a penta-kill

As a rising star in 2013, Doublelift had the chance to represent NA at the All-Star Weekend. Going up against the EU, the two regions battled to prove who was the best in the west.

While things were pretty even in the second game with 16 kills on each side, the EU team opted to rush Baron but was immediately caught by DL and his NA ssquad.

With William “Scarra” Li putting up a Wall of Pain to slow down their opponents, Doublelift safely stayed in the back-line. As DL’s Ezreal managed to snipe two of team EU, the ADC committed to a point-blank attack to secure the clash.

Despite Peter “yellowpete” Wüppen’s quick escape into the jungle, DL easily stopped him in his tracks with an Arcane Shift and claimed his third kill. With only two left alive, DL grouped up with his teammates to secure a game-changing penta-kill.

2. 2019 Worlds – Doublelift gets a quadra kill

While Doublelift is notorious for never making it out of the group stage of the League of Legends World Championship, he’s always done his best to be a solid representative of the North American scene.

During Team Liquid’s group stage game against DAMWON Gaming at Worlds 2019, DL showed that even Koreans couldn’t stop him from flexing his flashy skills.

With a clever faking of a Baron rush, Team Liquid managed to dupe DAMWON right into a clash. While Jake “Xmithite” Puchero was the first to go down in the fight, Doublelift instantly appeared behind DAMWON with his Killer Instinct and unleashed a barrage of bullets that claimed a triple-kill.

Even though Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon was able to escape the brutal massacre, the TL ADC quickly chased him down for a quadra-kill ace.

1. 2016 LCS Summer Final – Doublelift’s illustrious Lucian outplay

For the final and best highlight of DL’s career, we go back to his first go-around with TSM in 2016. While Doublelift was already known as a superstar ADC in CLG, TSM was able to surround DL with an amazing cast of players like Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg and Vincent “Biofrost” Wang.

In a championship-point game for TSM, Cloud9 was inching their way to a possible comeback. With just one perfectly-timed Curtain Call by Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi, TSM immediately had their backs against the wall.

Although TSM brought the clash to a 4v4, Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen separated DL from the rest of the TSM squad with a Weaver’s Wall. With Bjergsen also going down in the extended fight, the fight was looking like a loss for TSM.

Once the Weaver’s Wall broke, DL dashed back and unleashed Lucian’s Culling that instantly melted the remaining C9 members. With Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell acting as the front-line, DL helped secure a triple-kill for the Shen player and ultimately a championship win for TSM.

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