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Draft simulations in League of Legends is an exercise that every competitive team practices from amateur to pro.

There are a handful of free LoL draft websites available online, but each comes with its own limitations.

Analyst and content creator Nick “LS” De Cesare previously hosted a drafting website that was used by many Korean and Chinese teams. He’s working on a new LoL drafting website which will not only include picks and bans, but also other features that players will find helpful.

LoL draft pick simulator will come with multiple languages and additional tools

LS showing his new LoL draft pick simulator website on stream
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Aside from English, the website will also be published in Korean and Mandarin.

You can simulate the draft on your own, or click on “versus mode” at the top to send a link to another party to get involved.

You’ll be able to search for champions in the bar above in the interface, and drag and drop them into any of the slots. LS also plans to add a slider with additional spaces so that teams can have more “theoretical drafts” discussions.

“The goal is to be able to help people to be able to draft more, to help Clash teams,” said LS. “They look up their opponents on OP.GG… and do mock drafts with their friends. I think that will be really good.”

T1 content creator and analyst LS MSI 2021 tier list for top lane
Credit: LS

The second tab takes you to his very own Tier List maker. The community has been relying on TierMaker to create lists, which has limitations since it’s a general platform that isn’t specific to League of Legends.

LS’ version has a search function, and a URL generator so that you can share your lists easily. Signing up with his site allows you to save your lists and drafts.

For future release is Rift, a “completely interactive Summoner’s Rift map”. Besides toggling the fog of war and wards, it will also have the capability to display how much time a champion takes in order to move to a particular location on the map based on the items they have.

Down the line will be the addition of a math calculator which will have to be manually implemented and updated in line with patch updates.

Watch LS’ full project announcement here and start using his draft site.

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