Riot Games has disabled the newly-added Chemtech Drake until further notice, the game developers wrote in an announcement.

This comes after community feedback that the Chemtech Drake, Soul, and Terrain were “too frustrating to play with–especially if you’re on the losing team”.

Riot Games disables Chemtech Drake, Soul, and Terrain until further notice

Starting January 25, Summoners will no longer see the Chemtech Dragon on Summoner’s Rift, which leaves the following:

  • Cloud Drake
  • Mountain Drake
  • Infernal Drake
  • Ocean Drake
  • Hextech Drake

Riot wrote that it’ll work on “[solving] the issues with the current versions, while maintaining the spirit of what we were originally trying to achieve”, meaning the Chemtech Drake may not return “for a while”.

It also acknowledged that it “missed the mark this time” on the drake’s implementation, and thanked the community for their patience.

The Chemtech Drake was first introduced during the 2022 League of Legends Preseason together with the Hextech Drake, and saw play in the first two weeks of the competitive season.

Read the full announcement by Riot Games here.

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