Nick “LS” De Cesare was released from the head coach role at Cloud9 over the weekend, where they lost to Counter Logic Gaming and won against TSM.

After their victory over TSM, mid laner Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami talked to Travis Gafford about his feelings regarding the current situation. Although players and staff aren’t allowed to comment on the situation in detail, Fudge did give some insight into the team’s future.

C9 Fudge reveals to Travis Gafford how the team’s playstyle will change after LS’s departure 

Cloud9 top laner Fudge at MSI 2021
Credit: Riot Games/LoL Esports

Fudge first established that he was already aware of the head coach’s release before the game. “I sorta knew it was gonna happen before it happened… I knew there was a problem so when it happened I was like ‘yeah’,” he said.

Fans have been unhappy because not only was the 28-year-old coach a fan favorite, he was also abruptly released without an official reason given to date.

“Once all the reasons come out, people will know why,” Fudge assured.

When asked about whether he was upset about the head coach leaving, Fudge said he was not, but was instead “disappointed” with their preparation leading up to the stage games.

He noted that it was an issue the team has to fix, with or without the talismanic coach. He also added that his departure was “probably the best outcome for all parties involved, because it wasn’t really working”.

For viewers who enjoyed unconventional drafts like Soraka and Ivern mid, Cloud9 is likely moving away from them in the future. “LS was a very big proponent of playing drafts that no one would expect,” the mid laner said. “I think it’s very likely that we will play closer to standard.”

Although the head coach has departed from the team, he remains good friends with the players and staff, especially Fudge. In an Instagram post of them posing for a picture together, he wrote, “Somber goodbye tonight to one of the people I’m super fortunate to have ever met and I exalt highly in my life Fudgecakey”

Watch the full interview with Travis Gafford here.

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