League of Legends players finally got their initial glimpse of the upcoming champion, thanks to Briar splash art leaks.

X (Twitter) user Azkaryan posted an image of the champion’s artwork along with insights into her potential in-game role and other related information.

Briar splash art leaks show a brand new, terrifying champion in the jungle

The leaked Briar splash art reveals a young girl sporting white hair with pink gradient tips. She’s clad in a black dress and appears to have her hands confined within a curious metallic contraption. Notably, her all-white eyes and serrated teeth catch the eye of fans.

Leaked Briar splash art from League of Legends
Credit: Azkaryan

Additionally, the leaked information reveals that Briar is slated to be a jungler. Her debut is set for the Public Beta Environment (PBE) on August 29, with her official release on the LoL client set on either September 13 or 14. These dates are based on the details provided by Azkaryan.

It is important to note that this is a leak and may not be the final look of the champion. She has yet to hit PBE testing servers and may possibly undergo more changes.

Introduced in the League of Legends Champion Roadmap developer blog back in April of this year, Briar’s concept is rooted in the exploration of an uncontrollable hunger. According to Lead Champion Designer Alexia “Lexical” Gao, the champion’s concept delves into what happens when this overpowering hunger takes charge, allowing the entity to feast upon those deserving of it.

Riot Lexical also hinted that the champion will have ties to Noxus and will harbor an insatiable appetite.

Briar’s debut will mark her as the third League of Legends champion to be launched this year, following in the footsteps of Milio and Naafiri.

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