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Genshin Impact has a diverse cast of characters that can join your adventures in Teyvat.

Travelers can field a party of four members and fight enemies with strong elemental combos. As you progress through the online RPG, you’ll need to collect materials to ascend your best recruits. However, it’s hard to keep track of the required materials as you build your roster.

To help you get started with farming, here’s a list of our Genshin Impact character guides, including the required materials for each character and their lore.

Triple Crown Genshin Impact guide
Credit: HoYoverse, ONE Esports
Here’s a guide on how to Triple Crown a character in Genshin Impact

A complete list of Genshin Impact character guides

Farming guides

Here’s a list of our farming guides for characters based on their region, including sample farming routes and locations for each material.


Eula Materials in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports
AloyShivada Jade, Crystalline Bloom, Crystal Marrow, Specters, Molten Moment
BarbaraVarunada Lazurite, Cleansing Heart, Philanemo Mushroom, Samachurls, Ring of Boreas
BennettAgnidus Agate, Everflame Seed, Windwheel Aster, Treasure Hoarder, Dvalin’s Plume
DionaShivada Jade, Hoarfrost Cores, Calla Lily, Arrowheads, Shards of a Foul Legacy
EulaShivada Jade, Crystalline Bloom, Dandelion Seeds, Hilichurl Masks, Dragon Lord’s Crown
KleeAgnidus Agate, Philanemo Mushrooms, Samachurls, Ring of Boreas
RosariaShivada Jade, Hoarfrost Core, Valberry, Fatui Insignia, Shadow of the Warrior
SucroseVayuda Turquoise, Hurricane Seed, Windwheel Aster, Whopperflower Nectar, Spirit Locket of Boreas
VentiVayuda Turquoise, Hurricane Seed, Cecilia, Slime, Tail of Boreas
Mika Shivada Jade, Pseudo-Stamen, Wolfhook, Fatui, Mirror of Mushin


Hu Tao materials at Lantern Rite 2023
Credit: HoYoverse
BaizhuNagadus Emerald, Evergloom Ring, Violetgrass, Fungi, Worldspan Fern
ChongyunShivada Jade, Hoarfrost Core, Cor Lapis, Hilichurl Mask, Dvalin’s Sigh
GanyuShivada Jade, Hoarfrost Core, Qingxin, Whopperflower Nectar, Shadow of the Warrior
Hu TaoAgnidus Agate, Juvenile Jade, Silk Flower, Whopperflower Nectar, Shard of a Foul Legacy
KazuhaVayuda Turquoise, Marionette Core, Sea Ganoderma, Treasure Hoarder Insignia, Gilded Scale
ShenheShivada Jade, Dragonheir’s False Fin, Qingxin, Whopperflower Nectar, Hellfire Butterfly
XiaoVayuda Turquoise, Juvenile Jade, Qingxin, Slime, Shadow of the Warrior
XingqiuVarunada Lazurite, Cleansing Heart, Silk Flower, Hilichurl Mask, Tail of Boreas
YanfeiAgnidus Agate, Juvenile Jade, Noctilucous Jade, Treasure Hoarder Insignia, Gilded Scale
YelanVarunada Lazurite, Runic Fang, Starconch, Fatui Insignia, Gilded Scale
Yun JinPrithiva Topaz, Riftborn Regalia, Glaze Lily, Hilichurl Mask, Ashen Heart
ZhongliPrithiva Topaz, Basalt Pillar, Cor Lapis, Slime, Tusk of Monoceros Caeli


Raiden Shogun profile shot in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports
Arataki IttoPrithiva Topaz, Riftborn Regalia, Onikabuto, Slime, Ashen Heart
AyakaShivada Jade, Perpetual Heart, Sakura Bloom, Nobushi Handguard, Bloodjade Branch
AyatoVarunada Lazurite, Dew of Repudiation, Sakura Bloom, Nobushi Handguard, Mudra of the Malefic General
GorouPrithiva Topaz, Perpetual Heart, Sango Pearl, Specter, Molten Moment
KiraraNagadus Emerald, Evergloom Ring, Amakumo Fruit, Specter, Everamber
KokomiVarunada Lazurite, Dew of Repudiation, Sango Pearl, Specters, Hellfire Butterfly
Kujou SaraVajrada Amethyst, Storm Bead, Dendrobium, Hilichurl Mask, Ashen Heart
Kuki ShinobuVajrada Amethyst, Runic Fangs, Naku Weeds, Specter, Tears of the Calamitous God
Raiden ShogunVajrada Amethyst, Storm Beads, Amakumo Fruit, Nobushi Handguard, Molten Moment
SayuVayuda Turquoise, Marionette Core, Crystal Marrow, Whopperflower Nectar, Gilded Scale
WandererVayuda Turquoise, Perpetual Caliber, Rukkhashava Mushroom, Nobushi Handguard, Daka’s Bell
Yae MikoVajrada Amethyst, Dragonheir’s False Fin, Sea Ganoderma, Nobushi Handguard, Meaning of Aeons
YoimiyaAgnidus Agate, Smoldering Pearl, Naku Weed, Samachurls, Dragon Lord’s Crown


Alhaitham in Genshin Impact trailer
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports
AlhaithamNagadus Emerald, Pseudo-Stamen, Sand Grease Pupa, Eremite, Mirror of Mushin
CandaceVarunada Lazurite, Light Guiding Tetrahedron, Henna Berry, Eremite, Tears of the Calamitous God
ColleiNagadus Emerald, Majestic Hooked Beak, Rukkhashava Mushroom, Arrowhead, Tears of the Calamitous God
CynoVajrada Amethyst, Thunderclap Fruitcore, Scarab, Samachurl, Mudra of the Malefic General
DehyaAgnidus Agate, Light Guiding Tetrahedron, Sand Grease Pupa, Eremite, Puppet String
Dendro TravelerBrilliant Diamond, Windwheel Aster, Hilichurl Masks, Mudra of the Malefic General
DoriVajrada Amethyst, Thunderclap Fruitcore, Kalpalata Lotus, Eremite, Bloodjade Branch
FaruzanVayuda Turquoise, Light Guiding Tetrahedron, Henna Berry, Eremite, Puppet String
KavehNagadus Emerald, Quelled Creeper, Mourning Flower, Fungi, Primordial Greenblooms
LaylaPerpetual Caliber, Shivada Jade, Nilotpala Lotus, Samachurl, Mirror of Mushin
NahidaNagadus Emerald, Quelled Creeper, Kalpalata Lotus, Fungi, Puppet String
NilouVarunada Lazurite, Perpetual Caliber, Padisarah, Fungi, Tears of the Calamitous God
TighnariNagadus Emerald, Majestic Hooked Beak, Nilotpala Lotus, Fungi, Meaning of Aeon
YaoyaoNagadus Emerald, Quelled Creeper, Jueyun Chili, Slime, Daka’s Bell


Fontaine characters featuring Neuvilette from Genshin Impact
Credit: HoYoverse
LyneyAgnidus Agate, Rainbow Rose, Fatui Insignia, Primordial Greenbloom
LynetteVayuda Turquoise, Lumidouce Bell, Everamber, Meshing Gear, Everamber
NeuvilletteVarunada Lazurite, Fontemer Unihorn, Lumitoile, Fontemer Aberrants, Everamber

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