Only one player has a perfect KDA on Amumu support so far in China’s League of Legends Pro League (LPL)—Victory Five’s Guo “ppgod” Peng.

In their Week 5 match against Rare Atom yesterday, fans welcomed the return of star mid laner Song “Rookie” Eui-jin, and also witnessed an unusual pick and ban phase that saw Amumu selected in the first half of the


Anyone’s Legend’s support Zhang “QiuQiu” Ming actually debuted Amumu support against Victory Five last week, which resulted in a single game win and overall series loss. Ppgod however, is the only player so far to made him look convincing in the current meta, possibly because V5’s teamwork has been a cut above the rest.

How Victory Five made Rare Atom weep with Amumu support

Amumu support picked in LPL Summer 2022 Victory Five vs. Rare Atom draft
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Victory Five on blue side prioritized Kalista as their first pick. Rare Atom responded by locking in their bot lane, comprising Aphelios and Renata Glasc.

Reworked Taliyah continues to be a strong meta pick, and was blind picked by Victory Five. RA then revealed their bot lane, taking a risk on Amumu support to pair with Kalista even though other equally viable options like Tahm Kench, Thresh, and Braum were still open.

Even though it was quiet in the laning phase, ppgod started to shine from mid to late game team fights around objectives. During the third Mountain Dragon spawn, Victory Five put themselves in a better position to secure it, with Ying “Photic” Qi-Shen’s Kalista stacking spears.

Rookie then used Weaver’s Wall to split up the members of RA, funneling four into a corner. Just as the wall came down and the dragon was just over 1,000 HP, ppgod landed Bandage Toss on the most important target: Lu “Leyan” Jue’s Lee Sin.

The team took him out immediately, eliminating any chance of a steal, and could even reengage a second time with Fate’s Call. While ppgod missed the next two Bandage Tosses, he had already done his job to create space for his AD carry to reposition and hunt down straggling champions.

Three minutes later, when Victory Five pushed into Rare Atom’s base at mid with Baron buff, Photic, without any hesitation, dived past the turret with Fate’s Call. The knock up guaranteed that Bandage Toss landed. Combined with Li “XLB” Xiao-Long’s Rek’Sai, they eliminated Dai “Cube” Yi’s Kayle.

Finding another two targets, Victory Five took out three before the mid lane turret could fall, maximizing their 8,000 gold lead while reducing Rare Atom’s chances of a comeback.

V5 closed out game one in 26 minutes, and game two in just 21 minutes, one of the shortest games this season.

Ppgod finished with a perfect 2/0/6 KDA on Amumu support. So far in the LPL, he’s been picked six times in the support role, but only resulted in victory twice. In the last three matches, he has been exclusively drafted against Renata Glasc.

Most importantly, he’s only ever paired with Kalista because she’s the only AD carry who can toss him into the fight with Fate’s Call, a much more reliable engage option compared to Bandage Toss. With Taliyah in the meta, Victory Five also showed that with a little teamwork, controlling terrain around objectives opens up more opportunities for a favorable initiation.

Coupled with the buffs on patch 12.12 that reduced the mana cost of Bandage Toss and increased the base damage of his ultimate, Amumu support is pretty tanky post-patch 12.10. Even while running on low resources, players won’t get punished as hard for making positional mistakes.

V5 will face the 2021 World Champions Edward Gaming on July 10. Rare Atom will take on JD Gaming the following week on July 11. Catch the LPL matches live daily on the official LPL Twitch and YouTube channels.

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