A new playable character is making its way from Arcane to the League of Legends universe.

Ambessa Medarda, an original character from Arcane, will soon be available in Riot Games’ multiplayer online battle arena. The announcement was made by Lexi “Riot Lexical” Gao, Champions Team Lead, and Sope “Sopebox” May, Champions Team Production Lead, in a recent development video.

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When is Ambessa Medarda coming to League of Legends? Release date revealed

“We want to bring their Arcane version to the Rift with updated visuals and VO, while also giving some love to their gameplay,” Riot Lexical said.

Fans can anticipate a sneak peek at Ambessa in League of Legends in early 2025, following the conclusion of the second season.

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This announcement marks a significant milestone as Ambessa becomes the first original Arcane character to be included in the video game.

Ambessa Medarda is Mel's mother in Arcane.
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In Arcane, Ambessa is a formidable warlord and stateswoman from Noxus. She is the mother of Mel Medarda, an aristocrat and a member of Piltover’s ruling council.

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Despite her limited appearance in a few episodes of Arcane Season 1, Ambessa plays a significant role in shaping the ideals of her daughter, Mel.

As Ambessa enters the Rift, fans of the series can expect a more prominent role for this Noxian character in Arcane Season 2.

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Arcane is a Netflix series spanning nine episodes that took six years in the making. Backed by an initial budget of US$2,000, this project was led by showrunners Christian Linke and Alex Yee.

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Arcane follows the story of sisters Vi and Jinx, how they lived in Zaun, their ties to Piltover, and how they will eventually gain powers.

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