Jiaoqiu’s arrival in Honkai Star Rail has piqued the interest of players everywhere. With his intriguing background and unique personality, many questions surround this Xianzhou character.

Who is Jiaoqiu? Is he, like Tingyun, a Foxian native? What fuels his passion for spicy food?

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This article dives deep into everything Jiaoqiu. We’ll explore his lore, rarity, combat path, and the voice actors who bring him to life. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of who is Jiaoqiu in HSR.

Who is Jiaoqiu in Honkai Star Rail?

Jiaoqiu is a well-known Foxian doctor from the Xianzhou Yaoqing, a Flagship within the Xianzhou Alliance.

He’s known for providing dietary therapy to patrons, believing that food and medicine are intertwined. He champions the use of spicy medicinal foods for a unique and tasty healing experience.

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In Honkai Star Rail version 2.4, Jiaoqiu accompanies General Feixiao to Wardance, a martial arts ceremony. Before joining the General, he held a prestigious position at the Xianzhou Yaoqing’s Alchemy Commission.

He then served as a military doctor, but later retired for unknown reasons. Only upon the General’s request did he return to his medical practice.

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Jiaoqiu’s skills are so renowned that people consider him a “miracle curer.” His return to the field highlights his exceptional abilities and the General’s trust in his expertise.

Now that you know who is Jiaoqiu, let’s take a look at his abilities in-game.

Is Jiaoqiu a 5-star?

Jiaoqiu is a playable 5-star character in HSR. He follows the path of Nihility with a Fire combat type.

Jiaoqiu’s kit in HSR

Jiaoqiu casting his ultimate in HSR version 2.4 official screenshot
Credit: HoYoverse

Jiaoqiu’s attacks can inflict enemies with “Ashen Roast,” a debuff that functions similarly to Burn. Stacking Ashen Roast increases the damage enemies take.

When Jiaoqiu unleashes his ultimate, the battlefield transforms into a giant hot pot, intensifying the Ashen Roast effect on afflicted enemies based on the number of stacks. This hot pot zone lingers for several turns, boosting enemy damage taken from ultimates, potentially applying further Ashen Roast stacks with enemy actions.

This strategic debuff system not only deals damage but also empowers teammates like Acheron to gain ultimate charges quicker, making them a valuable asset in combat.

TechniqueFiery Queller
TalentQuartet Finesse, Octave Finery
SkillScorch Onslaught
UltimatePyrograph Arcanum

Who is Jiaoqiu’s voice actor in HSR?

Jiaqiu screenshot from Honkai Star Rail 2.4 livestream
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports
EnglishMark Whitten
ChineseChenzhang Taikang
JapaneseToyonaga Toshiyuki
KoreanLee Jung-min

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