HoYoverse introduces the vibrant city of Penacony in Honkai Star Rail 2.0.

Dubbed the Planet of Festivities, Penacony boasts a luxurious hotel where guests can actualize their dreams and fantasies through Dreampods.

These pods transport players to dream worlds teeming with thrills and delights.

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The update also introduces a novel feature that allows players to purchase luxury cars from the Penacony car dealer.

While these vehicles can’t be driven within the dreamscape, players who acquire them and proudly display them in the garage near the Reverie entrance will unlock a special achievement.

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In this ONE Esports guide, we’ll list down the steps on how to buy cars from the Penacony car dealer.

Penacony car dealer location and how to get “My Favorite Car” achievement

Honkai Star Rail 2.0 release date: When does Penacony launch?
Credit: HoYoverse

To go to Penacony, ensure you’ve unlocked the mission “Long Day’s Journey Into the Night” and reached Golden Hour.

Once inside the dreamscape, follow these steps to locate the Penacony car dealer:

  1. Open your map located at the upper left corner of the screen and use fast-travel to reach Oti Mall.
  2. Click on the map once again and locate the Penacony Car Dealer shop, situated on the southern side of Oti Mall.
  3. Navigate to the marked location and speak with Dealership Staff Member Daisy to initiate dialogue.
  4. Engage with Daisy and select the dialogue option “Show me the car” to access the shop screen.
Penacony car dealer Daisy in Honkai: Star Rail
Credit: ONE Esports

Upon entering the shop interface, you can browse and select up to five cars of your liking.

While purchasing all five is possible, acquiring just one is sufficient to unlock the achievement.

Utopon Unicycler50,000 credits
Speedway Falcon Luxury Speedster (Gold)40,000 credits
Speedway Falcon Luxury Speedster (Blue)40,000 credits
Speedway Falcon Luxury Speedster (Black)40,000 credits
Speedway Falcon Luxury Speedster (Rental)30,000 credits

After purchasing a car, fast travel to the Reverie Hotel Entrance located in the southernmost area of the map.

Once there, head to the garage area to your right. Look for the gas meter adorned with the SoulGlad poster on top.

Penacony garage map location in Honkai: Star Rail
Credit: ONE Esports

Interact with the meter and select the car you wish to park in the designated parking space. Once your chosen car is parked, investigate the vehicle. It will initiate a conversation with you.

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Follow through the dialogue, and upon completion, you’ll be awarded the “My Favorite Car” achievement in the game, earning you five Stellar Jades.

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