After Jean, Sucrose, Xiao, and Venti, we may be getting a new Anemo character soon.

Leaked photos of the upcoming Genshin Impact character Kiryu Kazuha flooded social media platforms during the weekend. Kazuha is an Anemo sword user, rumored to be the first character to be released in the Inazuma update according to a fan named Zeniet on Twitter.

If the leaks are true, Kazuha will be the fourth five-star Anemo character after the Anemo Archon Venti, Jean, and Xiao.

Some fans have been calling him the red version of the traveler Aether, but hairstyle aside, Kazuha offers a more florid look than Genshin Impact’s male protagonist.

He has cream-colored hair, with a portion soaked in red to match his clothing. Going against the conventional green and teal color scheme of Anemo characters, Kazuha appears in deep red kimono robes, with a lovely autumn foliage design on its sode (kimono sleeve).

The black, red, and white colors on his overall appearance make his glowing teal sword stand out as seen from this unofficial photo posted by Dimbreath on Twitter.

Genshin Impact, Kazuha, tweet
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ ONE Esports

Kazuha might be coming to Genshin Impact Version 1.6 along with other Inazuma characters like the Cryo Vision user Kamisato Ayaka.

For now, all of these are just unofficial data collected by miners. miHoYo has not yet announced or revealed further information about the Inazuma update except for the location concept art that was shown during the Version 1.5 livestream.

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