The Genshin online concert 2023 is HoYoverse’s year-end treat for dedicated fans of the gacha game.

HoYoverse promises a mesmerizing musical showcase featuring the London Philharmonic Orchestra and other international talents.

The Genshin online concert 2023 will feature cutting-edge XR, AR, and animation technology that breathe life into Genshin Impact’s most poignant moments, highlights, and unforgettable cutscenes.

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The Genshin online concert series is a long-standing music initiative that aims to facilitate the exchange of musical experiences, education, and broader access to music for fans, players, and the general public.

In October, offline concerts were held as part of the Genshin Impact concert tour.

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Furthermore, the “Impact4Music: Music for All” benefit project, initiated earlier this year in Europe, is dedicated to supporting student orchestras and musicians.

Genshin online concert 2023 schedule: Dates and times

Genshin online concert 2023 key visual
Credit: HoYoverse

“Melodies of an Endless Journey” goes live on December 22, starting at 7 p.m. GMT+8.

France12 p.m. CET
Germany12 p.m. CET
Italy12 p.m. CET
Portugal11 a.m. WET
Russia2 p.m. GMT+3
Spain12 p.m. CET
Turkey2 p.m. EEST
United States6 a.m. EST
China7 p.m. GMT+8
Indonesia6 p.m. GMT+7
Thailand6 p.m. GMT+7
Vietnam6 p.m. GMT+7

The concert will last for approximately 60 minutes, featuring a rich repertoire of over 25 tracks from all five nations within the game.

This musical journey will showcase a wide array of music elements and genres from different parts of the world.

Returning to the stage are members of the esteemed London Philharmonic Orchestra, along with conductor Robert Ziegler, known for their previous contributions to the Mondstadt and Fontaine soundtracks. Together, they will deliver authentic symphonic renditions.

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Where to watch Genshin online concert 2023

The concert airs for free on

Genshin Concert 2023 campus events

The U.S. Genshin Impact Union (USGIU), a community initiated by devoted Genshin Impact enthusiasts and backed by HoYoverse, is actively contributing to Genshin Concert 2023 through a series of campus events.

Starting in December, fans can expect to find pop-up booths in various cities and campuses, including Yale University, New York University, Berklee College of Music, University College London, and the Royal Academy of Music.

These events aim to provide more people with the opportunity to listen to and even participate in the music of Genshin Impact. Additionally, Dr. Piero Scaruffi, an Italian-American scholar and expert in computer science, music, and art, further explored the intricacies of Genshin Impact and its music in a lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

U.S. Genshin Impact Union (USGIU) Genshin Concert 2023 campus event
Credit: HoYoverse

“The music from Genshin Impact combines different genres, elements, instruments, and musicians from around the world, and is incorporated very well into a unique fictional world,” said Dr. Piero. “It may provide a unique chance for more young people to learn about music without prejudice.”

The music in Genshin Impact is crafted by HOYO-MiX, HoYoverse’s in-house music studio. The game unfolds in the expansive fantasy realm of Teyvat, comprising seven distinct nations, each accompanied by a unique musical theme and multiple soundtrack collections.

These compositions capture the essence of the respective nations, delving into their history, culture, landscapes, and ongoing adventures. Rooted in orchestral foundations, the music of Genshin Impact artfully integrates elements from global musical traditions to portray the rich diversity of Teyvat’s regions and inhabitants.

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