Ubisoft is preparing for the launch of its free-to-play FPS title, XDefiant. In the wake of that, they are having a server test session to gather useful information to prepare for the global release.

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The current server test and the game’s performance across all platforms will decide the final release date for the game. 

XDefiant server test opens up to all

XDefiant play test gameplay
Credit: Ubisoft

The XDefiant server test session will begin on April 19 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET and last three days until April 21.

Thankfully, it is a public test available on all major platforms, including the PS5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC, which makes sense as it will mainly check whether the server can withstand the load. 

You can preload the XDefiant Server Test Session client on PC via Ubisoft Connect, PlayStation via the PS Store, and Xbox via the Microsoft Store. 

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Now, even if you had previously participated in an XDefiant beta, the old client from the last XDefiant play test will not work as, according to Ubisoft, “that is a different “product” just called XDefiant. Keep it as it will eventually be the final launch product.”

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Credit: Ubisoft

XDefiant play test rewards

That being said, XDefiant’s server test session will also reward players with weapon skins and XP booster packs for participating and completing specific challenges listed below:

  • Play in the test: MP5 Shamrock Weapon Skin
  • Play in a Party: M9 Ember Weapon Skin
  • Reach Level 18: Weapon XP Boosters (x3)
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All the rewards earned during the XDefiant play test session will be available on day one of the game’s final version. 

So, if you are an XDefiant enthusiast who believes the game has the potential to be the next hit FPS title, help the developers by participating in the server test session and providing constructive feedback on socials and in XDefiant’s official Discord channel. 

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