Are you a highly skilled UNO player? Do you know your reverse cards, skips, and wild cards well?

It’s your time to shine at the UNO Championship Series!

What is the official UNO Championship Series by Mattel163 and Mobil 1?

UNO, UNO Championship Series, UNO esports
Credit: Mattel163 and Mobil 1

Mobile game developer Mattel163, in partnership with motor oil brand Mobil 1, has officially announced the UNO Championship Series.

It is a series of events and promotions celebrating the classic card game’s 50th anniversary since its creation back in 1971.

It will include a global UNO Mobile Tournament, and the UNO Championship Series Invitational Tournament.

How to register for the global UNO Mobile Tournament

The mobile tournament will use the UNO! app available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Anyone aged 18 years old and up can participate in this UNO esports tournament to win in-app badges, avatars, and even trophies and medals.

Simply click on the mobile tournament option inside the app to enter and play in the UNO esports tournament.

UNO Championship Series scheduled date and prize pool

On the other hand, the game’s championship series will be an invite-only event set to take place on November 11 later this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The UNO Championship Series Invitational Tournament will have a grand prize of US$50,000.

With these events, the developers are hoping to crown the first ever UNO world champion. Could this mark the start of UNO esports?

Join local UNO esports tournaments and the UNO 50th Anniversary Instant Win Sweepstakes

UNO, UNO esports, UNO Championship Series
Credit: Mattel163 and Mobil 1

Aside from these two major UNO tournaments, the developers have also prepared local competitions where fans from all over the world can participate.

For now, only information for US-based players has been released. North American fans can join the UNO 50th Anniversary Instant Win Sweepstakes to either win US$100 worth of prize packs, or a trip to the game’s championship series later this year in Las Vegas. The lottery will begin later this August.

Players can learn more about how it works on the UNO 50th Anniversary website.

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